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Large town in north western Empire of Estar, in the area which was once a part of the nation of Brema. Keristol was once a beautiful trade city located on the Great Highway which connected the capital of the Empire of Estar to the massive city-nation of Cunaxa.

A great quake hundreds of years ago buried the great city beneath the ground, killing hundreds of thousands, one of the greatest losses of life by natural disaster in the history of the world.

A small city was built close by, during the reclamation attempts, but the long drought that began forty years ago and lasted twenty years wiped out most of the population. It was rebuilt again a few years ago, when local refugee, Content Not Found: demeres-the-gorgon, rediscovered the ruins of the ancient city, and rebuilt a small fort where he began his excavation efforts. It is now a somewhat successful town, making its living by digging up the riches of the ancestors.


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