Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Ziva's end run

Or, oh god why does it hurt.

DM: Dave
Players: Arcturus Aldus, Aurelia Celine, Mitch Knuckles, Thomas Kingsley Wright III

Well, looks like I’m off to hunt down more Ziva things again. We traveled thru the Dreamlands to the iceberg containing the shipwreck (we hoped) and were promptly attacked by a younger Ice Linnorm which breathed slushee on us. which sucked. a lot. I had to do so much cleaning afterwards…. but anyways… the Paladin and I did a circle of the iceberg to try and figure out an entrance to wherever the things lair was, but we didn’t find anything. So I applied my superior mind to the problem and calculated the proper location and angles to simply disintegrate my way into the heart of the iceberg and the resting place of “The Golden Belle.” We disturbed a ice-skeleton who flew into a rage when we got too close to him and the shipwreck….. which… kind sucked, since he was crazy strong, summoned a massive blizzard, a ton of Greater Shadows, and two Nightwalkers. The Paladin went down. We heroically brought him back up via a maneuver that I shall call “the dunk.” It consists of a toss/grab/forcefeed potion to bring people back up. Then the rogue went down, we barely bring him back up. The Magus went down…… we had no options left to get her up…. so we left her down. We barely managed to kill off the undead and frantically started to search the ship in hopes of trying to find something to help us get the archer back up. Instead we found Ziva. Wonderful. she was all super-pretty and bleedy-eyes as usual, but had a succubi-aura to her. She had the scrolls. We talked to her. the Paladin had her on the edge, she almost was going to consider reconsidering rethinking about trying to do another plan…. but said “nah fuckit” and went poof. We looted everything and rested, did some teleporting, used some magic items to pull rez/fix people and look back in time at what Ziva had looked at on the scrolls and went back to base to lick our wounds.

  • Jump to iceberg
  • get jumped by linnorm
  • ow.
  • no entrance to iceberg? make our own with disintigrate!
  • ice wight + shadows + nightwalkers == 3 deaths
  • ow again.
  • Search ship, find tons of loot, also a Succu-Ziva
  • Diplomacy!…..Fail.
  • Rest, Revive, Restore.
  • Ziva (and us) has directions to timetravel thing, turns out it’s an actual Ship.


Lost_Leader Ninjamancer

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