Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

One step forward, two step behind

Or, whereforart thou Ziva

GM Dave
Players: Arcturus Aldus Cornelius Blunderbuss Finneus Blunderbuss Maiyri Seaskipper

So we went off to catch Ziva before she finished her ritual things. We got the blood map, we used the blood map. We went to the spot. All good! Found a giant ship pile/graveyard with Zivas ship abandoned by it so we skydived down to the pileup and discovered…… it was empty and barren. so we checked the ship! …… and discovered it was also completely empty. Well, it had a Self-destruct Warpwood on it, so we didn’t mess with it. Great, now what? Well, shit, we need the damn dagger that the paladin has. Time to hunt him down. After a complicated sending/teleporting spree we finally got the dagger, if only we had had more information the first time we woulda had it buuuuut fine. So we open the portal and promptly release some…thing… into the shipwrecks. Thankfully the gnomes saw “reason” and we just jumped into the portal and figured we’d deal with it later. Once thru, we ended up in the Astral plane with a portal to the Abyss in front of us, which lead to the 570th level, the Domain of the Succubus Queen. Surprisingly, it was super nice – albeit full of succubusess and whatnot. So we disguise ourselves and wander thru town, thinking we’re just a half day behind Ziva, but it turns out that time runs, oh about 30x faster on this plane, which means Ziva has been here, done her ritual and gone already. Two months ago. Great. I guess we can at least look at the ritual site and see what we can figure out. So we go up to the temple thing, and figure out a puzzle with some swords that the bard practiced some wordplay instead of swordplay to solve. then found a river of molten metal … with a illusionary staircase above it. Thankfully we saved the barbarian before she went for a rather crispy dive. Then we found the …. remains of the sacrifices – which turned out to be Zivas CREW. We also foudn a couple living spells that I was useless against- but they were useless against me too so, wonderful, stalemate. Off to the ritual circle! After some study and whatnot, we discovered that Ziva has ascended to become a Succubi Princess. How did we know? Oh she shed her skin. Yea, we found that. We brought that back along with her first mate. We slept in the Astral plane and met a Deva, who told us that Darrow had more shameful info we needed to know. We hopped out the portal loaded for bear and beat up the animated shipwrecks awaiting us and headed back to Darrow. He resisted but ended up telling us that his first command found Ziva and his crew had a rape/torture session for like a month. Ziva eventually escaped and slaughtered them all. Vondra talked with the first mates body and he said that Ziva wants to find a thing that will let her go back in time and prevent this whole thing from happening and she just needs one more thing…. So we went and found where that thing was. Hope we get there before her.

  • Mountain of Ships w/ Zivas ship abandoned
  • Needed Dagger, had to hunt down Paladin
  • material→astral→abyss(570 succubi)
  • Ziva was here 2mo ago
  • Temple time → Dead crew → Ritual circle
  • Zivas shed skin + runes == shes a new Succubi Princess
  • Time to go!…Or talk to the Queen-NO ITS TIME TO GO!
  • Astral Deva info about Darrow
  • cleaned up portal-spillage
  • Darrow told us about his first command and how they found Ziva & his crew raped/tortured her
  • Vondra talked with firstmates body, found her plan: Go back in time and stop that from happening
  • She needs a scroll/map of where the thing she needs is, so we went and found out where it was (probably)
  • Its in a ship called “The Golden Belle” in an Iceberg.


Lost_Leader Ninjamancer

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