Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Of pain and suffering.

or how I learned to be indespensible

DM Andrew “the PC killer”
Players:Arcturus Aldus Cornelius Blunderbuss Finneus Blunderbuss

So once again I was to return to Elvaria. This time to get the bloodline of the king of elves
and the crown to be able to break the phylactery at the feet of the newly crowned king so that we would be able to return one of the gnomes to their proper mental state. We discovered that the bloodline actualy ran thru aurelia, but that her brother was actually ahead in line, so we go to visit him….. except that it turns out he died to trolls. wonderful, looks like the next one in line is….. his kid? and he’s 3yo… awesome. We managed to convince his mom to listen to us if we got the crown – I’m sure that won’t be difficult – and proceed to listen to deckard cain for hours and hours and hours and hours. Time to teleport! well shit we got shunted, why didn’t I remember that. FUCK landing pad is covered by a nest of black dragons, 4 tweenager ones to be precise, fuck fuck fuck Ok we killed two of them, OH GOD MOMs HERE NOPE TIMe to TELEPORT. thankfully we manged to teleport out and head to the capitol building where ONCE AGAIN we get shunted (Im REALLY starting to hate that) but thankfully we were all invisd at the time and managed to avoid the notice of the ZILLIONZ of orcs that had turned the old capitol into thier new capitol. We manage to fly in and infiltrate the throne room and set up a distraction and yell “Dragons are attacking!” which pulled most orcs out of the throne room, which we then jumped the remaing few orcs left. que door opening and massive shennanigans to alpha down the two healing types, then we played keepaway from the scary smashyorcs and teleported all over the room until the bard failed his defensive casting thing, which resulted in me getting turned into a dead smear. …… I’m not sure what exactly happened next, but I woke up later after getting fed a super-potion by the one gnome (apparently because I was the only way he could get home, greatful little bugger) turns out they killed him, grabbed the crown and a couple things and buggered out. We did the same, went and talked to the mom and elves and they said “great! we’ll totally be allies with Darrow and all that and accept this artifact level item, just go do this first!” “ok, we’ll do this tomorrow” “Nooooo, go do it now.” “……..” Soooooo we teleported into the throne room of the troll king to retrieve ANOTHER artifact for the elves (greedy buggers) and proceed to do the exact same plan (fireworks, yell dragon, jump the king) and jumped back and forth across the room again as they charged after us (holy hell they hurt) tho I managed not to die! So we got the SECOND artifact for the elves, and they FINALLY agreed to become allies and do the king ceremony. after all the other party members came back together they brought the …. Mace….. and smashed the phylactery which resulted infixing the gnome. huzzah.

  • Discover we need crown/ritual/bloodline to fix the gnome
  • teleport to elf village, foudn bloodline (Aurelia is part of it, her brothers dead but his kid was ahead of her still)
  • Elf mom says sure if you have the crown we’ll talk so port to elvaria
  • Teleport/Shunt, fought black dragons and ran after killing some
  • port to capitol, foudn it overrun by Orcs, get to throne room
  • Create distraction, kill king, kill Arcturus, grab crown, run
  • True Rez Arcturus
  • Port back, discover have to get ANOTHER thing for elves
  • port to trolls, same distraction plan
  • kill troll king, grab stuff, get back
  • Elves Agree to alliance!
  • Fixed Gnome
  • huzzah!


Lost_Leader Ninjamancer

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