Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

His Terrible... Death-Whinny

Monday July 19, 2017
DM Dave
Players: TKW, Mitch, Gare

We set off to investigate the Lich rumors to the north. Once we arrived at Fort Gune, we found that there is a new religion to the north that has just started up ( St Eva) but no one heard of a Lich. So we decided to check it out ourselves. on our travels we came a crossed a farmer name Jeb the farmer that was a part of St Eva. He told us the names of the four leaders of the faith ( Arther, Rhys, Astrid, and Elincia (Who had a really cool Pegusus)). he also told us that they may be at the next town. We moved on.

In town TKW gave 100g to the Barkeep to pay for everyones food and drinks for the night. the word got out and in no time everone had made there way in. We talked with Rhys and he called a meeting with the others of the new faith to talk about the Lich and mist. We did not find anything out.

After the meeting i was so upset that we have been sent up here for rumors and come up empty handed. i told the group that I will stay until the mist shows up and if everything is good we are going to Rosemont. i went to bed early so i can get up right at night fall. the mist came and we went out side to take a look. out of nowhere we are in the mist filled with evil. set out to find the town church to see if we can see what was going on. this church was filled with undead. TKW and Mitch rushed in and I took a moment to analyze the situation. once done i ran in and obliterated every undead.

Once i had cleared the church Mitch and i started looking around to get intel as TKW went out side by him self. TKW comes running back in and screaming bloody murder and Mitch and i went to help out. there is some mounted undead that had TKW running. We started to make a plan on what to do next. Mitch, out of frustration, called out profanities at Elincia and in response, there was a flash of lightning followed by the mounted presence outside appearing in the room. The Horse, made of ash, smoke and fire, and the mounted figure wearing ominous looking full plate both set loose on Mitch freezing him solid and with a little quick thinking, i recognized the Ice Crystal Teleport effect and melted the ice. TKW and the creatures went toe to toe, and TKW shouldve won, but didnt due to a weird purple mist that kept the creature animated. A quick Breath of Life took care of that though. We dispatched the creatures only to be greeting by a Grim Reaper waiting outside. He was a cordial being who said he was waiting to see if any of the four souls were to be released. All three of us were confused, but with a few questions, we got death to direct us to a fourth living soul in the area.

The fourth soul was in a large manner house filled with undead. TKW wanted to find the owner of the place and ran right up to him and threatened the head Wraith and challenged him to a dual. If TKW wins we would be given the liches phylactery. Standing Toe o Toe in the middle of the ballroom to dual started. after about 30sec TKW was not looking good. However when you think it cant get any worse it did as a Prismatic Spray to TKW’s face and ended up hitting Mitch and I. At this point Mitch and I Joined the fight with out them knowing it. 6 sec later TKW was turned in to a puppy and I unload the Heals to the Mr. Wraith and ended the fight.

Mr. Wraith gave us a 4 year(Ana) as the phylactery. Not sure what to do with this. Mitch, Ana, and I picked up the puppy and headed home .


Lost_Leader Icemankills

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