Captain Solo

Deceased Pirate Lord


Enemies of the city of Carlis know to fear Pirate Lord Solo. No hidden cargo can escape detection by his one good eye. No thick hide can turn aside his one mighty tusk. No distant land is beyond the grasp of his one mighty hand. No lazy deckhand is safe from his one remaining foot. So if you are not a loyal citizen of Carlis and you see Solo’s flag in the distance, you had best just drop anchor and pray to whatever gods you hold dear, for your ship, your cargo, and your lives are already lost. If you try to run, or worse yet fight, it will only make him mad.


Despite a disastrous early career as a smuggler and privateer, during which most of his deformities were gained, Captain Solo has managed to survive and persist. He spent a few years wallowing away in the swamp lands until he met his friend and future first mate, a troll shaman named Bakka. Together they traveled to the city of Carlis where they managed to convince the Governor to provide them a ship, the Centennial Pelican. At first, the ship was only breaking even, but with the sudden introduction of a new “secret” weapon and strategy provided by the Governor, Captain Solo’s success and prestige began to rise. After a recent disaster in the city of Carlis, Captain Solo was given the lead in privateering activities and he has increased the fleet’s activity in recent months.

Captain Solo

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