Admiral Halquinor Watt

Deceased Pirate Lord


The mysterious Admiral Watt. Surrounded in rumor and mystery, for every bar in the Shallows, there is a different tale describing him. For all the hyperbolic tales, there are a few things that are more fact than rumor.

  • The Admiral does his dealing through intermediaries. Mostly through his two most trusted cohorts, Ravhand and Miss Bryant. While many people may give a description of the Admiral, all of the descriptions conflict.
  • Amongst the Admiral and his crew, there is an irrational hatred of all organized religions. They routinely target holy people and places as their primary points of piracy.
  • The Royal Fleet, which is what Admiral Watt pretentiously calls his crew, is possibly the largest fleet of the Pirate Lords. It consists of freebooters and most of the naval vessels of the city of Port Grune, which it is believed is where the admiral used to work and live.
  • It was overheard on Pelican Pier that the Admiral’s men usually deal in spirits. One cannot be too certain if it is rum, whiskey or the unearthly kind that is meant by that.

Not much is known about the Admiral’s past. It is thought that he used to be a ranking officer in the Imperial Estaran Navy, before the final death throws of the Empire twenty years ago.

Most recently, there is evidence to suggest he worked as a bounty hunter and privateer for the City State of Fort Grune.

The Admiral seems to hide his identity from all but his closes friends and crew. The reasons for his assumed anonymity are unknown.

Admiral Halquinor Watt

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