Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Carlis slavers caught on tape

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Saturday August 1st 2015, Afternoon game
DM: Josh
Objective: Bring back proof that Carlis is using slave labor
PCs: Sameera, Salty Peete, Superleadfoot Tony, Jarg, Mitch


  • We were given the location of another mountain base in Carlis where slaves were being forced to make stuff
  • Our first plan was to gather independent observers from neutral cities and take them with us
  • We managed to get four observers to agree to risk their lives by accompanying us
  • The group teleported to a location near the base
  • We waited for a full day to see if anyone came in or out, but no one did
  • At this point we finally realized that one of Isaac’s recording devices would be better
  • We teleported to Mackerel Jack’s and met up with Mitch’s contact Rat
  • Rat arranged a meeting with the guy who makes the devices for Issac, and Mitch went alone and in disguise
  • The guy agreed to make one for us, but it took a few days
  • While we waited we staked out the base some more, but still didn’t see anyone go in or out
  • Sameera plane shifted Mitch, Salty Pete and herself to the ethereal plane so we could try to scout the base
  • It turned out that the walls of the base were warded to only let people of a certain alignment through
  • Mitch and Salty Pete were able to fool the ward into letting them through
  • We scouted the entire base and plane shifted back to the material
  • Once we had the recording device, Mitch and Salty Pete teleported into the base
  • Mitch unlocked the door, which set off an alarm
  • Mitch started to work on disabling the other defenses on the door (automatic guns) but the alarm was drawing attention and we were attacked
  • Tony, Jarg, and Sameera tried to move up to the door from their hiding spot, but were taking heavy fire from the automatic guns
  • The group got split up and no one really knew what to do
  • Mitch, Sameera and Salty Pete ended up in the main foundry of the base fighting the people in charge
  • Tony and Jarg decided to get the observers to safety
  • After a very tough battle, the bad guys tripped a panic button and teleported out
  • We ended up with one prisoner and about a dozen freed slaves
  • The Carlis army showed up and we were forced to teleport out with our prisoner, and as many slaves as possible
  • We got a recording of everything that happened inside the base


Lost_Leader Moshpitato

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