Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Ziva's end run
Or, oh god why does it hurt.

DM: Dave
Players: Arcturus Aldus, Aurelia Celine, Mitch Knuckles, Thomas Kingsley Wright III

Well, looks like I’m off to hunt down more Ziva things again. We traveled thru the Dreamlands to the iceberg containing the shipwreck (we hoped) and were promptly attacked by a younger Ice Linnorm which breathed slushee on us. which sucked. a lot. I had to do so much cleaning afterwards…. but anyways… the Paladin and I did a circle of the iceberg to try and figure out an entrance to wherever the things lair was, but we didn’t find anything. So I applied my superior mind to the problem and calculated the proper location and angles to simply disintegrate my way into the heart of the iceberg and the resting place of “The Golden Belle.” We disturbed a ice-skeleton who flew into a rage when we got too close to him and the shipwreck….. which… kind sucked, since he was crazy strong, summoned a massive blizzard, a ton of Greater Shadows, and two Nightwalkers. The Paladin went down. We heroically brought him back up via a maneuver that I shall call “the dunk.” It consists of a toss/grab/forcefeed potion to bring people back up. Then the rogue went down, we barely bring him back up. The Magus went down…… we had no options left to get her up…. so we left her down. We barely managed to kill off the undead and frantically started to search the ship in hopes of trying to find something to help us get the archer back up. Instead we found Ziva. Wonderful. she was all super-pretty and bleedy-eyes as usual, but had a succubi-aura to her. She had the scrolls. We talked to her. the Paladin had her on the edge, she almost was going to consider reconsidering rethinking about trying to do another plan…. but said “nah fuckit” and went poof. We looted everything and rested, did some teleporting, used some magic items to pull rez/fix people and look back in time at what Ziva had looked at on the scrolls and went back to base to lick our wounds.

  • Jump to iceberg
  • get jumped by linnorm
  • ow.
  • no entrance to iceberg? make our own with disintigrate!
  • ice wight + shadows + nightwalkers == 3 deaths
  • ow again.
  • Search ship, find tons of loot, also a Succu-Ziva
  • Diplomacy!…..Fail.
  • Rest, Revive, Restore.
  • Ziva (and us) has directions to timetravel thing, turns out it’s an actual Ship.
One step forward, two step behind
Or, whereforart thou Ziva

GM Dave
Players: Arcturus Aldus Cornelius Blunderbuss Finneus Blunderbuss Maiyri Seaskipper

So we went off to catch Ziva before she finished her ritual things. We got the blood map, we used the blood map. We went to the spot. All good! Found a giant ship pile/graveyard with Zivas ship abandoned by it so we skydived down to the pileup and discovered…… it was empty and barren. so we checked the ship! …… and discovered it was also completely empty. Well, it had a Self-destruct Warpwood on it, so we didn’t mess with it. Great, now what? Well, shit, we need the damn dagger that the paladin has. Time to hunt him down. After a complicated sending/teleporting spree we finally got the dagger, if only we had had more information the first time we woulda had it buuuuut fine. So we open the portal and promptly release some…thing… into the shipwrecks. Thankfully the gnomes saw “reason” and we just jumped into the portal and figured we’d deal with it later. Once thru, we ended up in the Astral plane with a portal to the Abyss in front of us, which lead to the 570th level, the Domain of the Succubus Queen. Surprisingly, it was super nice – albeit full of succubusess and whatnot. So we disguise ourselves and wander thru town, thinking we’re just a half day behind Ziva, but it turns out that time runs, oh about 30x faster on this plane, which means Ziva has been here, done her ritual and gone already. Two months ago. Great. I guess we can at least look at the ritual site and see what we can figure out. So we go up to the temple thing, and figure out a puzzle with some swords that the bard practiced some wordplay instead of swordplay to solve. then found a river of molten metal … with a illusionary staircase above it. Thankfully we saved the barbarian before she went for a rather crispy dive. Then we found the …. remains of the sacrifices – which turned out to be Zivas CREW. We also foudn a couple living spells that I was useless against- but they were useless against me too so, wonderful, stalemate. Off to the ritual circle! After some study and whatnot, we discovered that Ziva has ascended to become a Succubi Princess. How did we know? Oh she shed her skin. Yea, we found that. We brought that back along with her first mate. We slept in the Astral plane and met a Deva, who told us that Darrow had more shameful info we needed to know. We hopped out the portal loaded for bear and beat up the animated shipwrecks awaiting us and headed back to Darrow. He resisted but ended up telling us that his first command found Ziva and his crew had a rape/torture session for like a month. Ziva eventually escaped and slaughtered them all. Vondra talked with the first mates body and he said that Ziva wants to find a thing that will let her go back in time and prevent this whole thing from happening and she just needs one more thing…. So we went and found where that thing was. Hope we get there before her.

  • Mountain of Ships w/ Zivas ship abandoned
  • Needed Dagger, had to hunt down Paladin
  • material→astral→abyss(570 succubi)
  • Ziva was here 2mo ago
  • Temple time → Dead crew → Ritual circle
  • Zivas shed skin + runes == shes a new Succubi Princess
  • Time to go!…Or talk to the Queen-NO ITS TIME TO GO!
  • Astral Deva info about Darrow
  • cleaned up portal-spillage
  • Darrow told us about his first command and how they found Ziva & his crew raped/tortured her
  • Vondra talked with firstmates body, found her plan: Go back in time and stop that from happening
  • She needs a scroll/map of where the thing she needs is, so we went and found out where it was (probably)
  • Its in a ship called “The Golden Belle” in an Iceberg.
His Terrible... Death-Whinny

Monday July 19, 2017
DM Dave
Players: TKW, Mitch, Gare

We set off to investigate the Lich rumors to the north. Once we arrived at Fort Gune, we found that there is a new religion to the north that has just started up ( St Eva) but no one heard of a Lich. So we decided to check it out ourselves. on our travels we came a crossed a farmer name Jeb the farmer that was a part of St Eva. He told us the names of the four leaders of the faith ( Arther, Rhys, Astrid, and Elincia (Who had a really cool Pegusus)). he also told us that they may be at the next town. We moved on.

In town TKW gave 100g to the Barkeep to pay for everyones food and drinks for the night. the word got out and in no time everone had made there way in. We talked with Rhys and he called a meeting with the others of the new faith to talk about the Lich and mist. We did not find anything out.

After the meeting i was so upset that we have been sent up here for rumors and come up empty handed. i told the group that I will stay until the mist shows up and if everything is good we are going to Rosemont. i went to bed early so i can get up right at night fall. the mist came and we went out side to take a look. out of nowhere we are in the mist filled with evil. set out to find the town church to see if we can see what was going on. this church was filled with undead. TKW and Mitch rushed in and I took a moment to analyze the situation. once done i ran in and obliterated every undead.

Once i had cleared the church Mitch and i started looking around to get intel as TKW went out side by him self. TKW comes running back in and screaming bloody murder and Mitch and i went to help out. there is some mounted undead that had TKW running. We started to make a plan on what to do next. Mitch, out of frustration, called out profanities at Elincia and in response, there was a flash of lightning followed by the mounted presence outside appearing in the room. The Horse, made of ash, smoke and fire, and the mounted figure wearing ominous looking full plate both set loose on Mitch freezing him solid and with a little quick thinking, i recognized the Ice Crystal Teleport effect and melted the ice. TKW and the creatures went toe to toe, and TKW shouldve won, but didnt due to a weird purple mist that kept the creature animated. A quick Breath of Life took care of that though. We dispatched the creatures only to be greeting by a Grim Reaper waiting outside. He was a cordial being who said he was waiting to see if any of the four souls were to be released. All three of us were confused, but with a few questions, we got death to direct us to a fourth living soul in the area.

The fourth soul was in a large manner house filled with undead. TKW wanted to find the owner of the place and ran right up to him and threatened the head Wraith and challenged him to a dual. If TKW wins we would be given the liches phylactery. Standing Toe o Toe in the middle of the ballroom to dual started. after about 30sec TKW was not looking good. However when you think it cant get any worse it did as a Prismatic Spray to TKW’s face and ended up hitting Mitch and I. At this point Mitch and I Joined the fight with out them knowing it. 6 sec later TKW was turned in to a puppy and I unload the Heals to the Mr. Wraith and ended the fight.

Mr. Wraith gave us a 4 year(Ana) as the phylactery. Not sure what to do with this. Mitch, Ana, and I picked up the puppy and headed home .

Light house

Monday July 17, 2017
DM Dave
Players: Sameera, Salty Pete, Gare, Finneus

We were sent to Rosemont to find the mace. we did some stuff then more stuff saved some people and found the Flying Cloud. We found a hole in the ship. As we went in to check it out. out of no where i was blinded by a golden light of the heavens. i rush to it as fast as i could. i found a cave full of …… I cant describe it. i was frozen at the sight of heaven. the last thing i can remember is that i am being pulled away by the others. We have what we came for and we need to get back to meet up with the group. i marked the location of the portal to heaven the best i could.


Of pain and suffering.
or how I learned to be indespensible

DM Andrew “the PC killer”
Players:Arcturus Aldus Cornelius Blunderbuss Finneus Blunderbuss

So once again I was to return to Elvaria. This time to get the bloodline of the king of elves
and the crown to be able to break the phylactery at the feet of the newly crowned king so that we would be able to return one of the gnomes to their proper mental state. We discovered that the bloodline actualy ran thru aurelia, but that her brother was actually ahead in line, so we go to visit him….. except that it turns out he died to trolls. wonderful, looks like the next one in line is….. his kid? and he’s 3yo… awesome. We managed to convince his mom to listen to us if we got the crown – I’m sure that won’t be difficult – and proceed to listen to deckard cain for hours and hours and hours and hours. Time to teleport! well shit we got shunted, why didn’t I remember that. FUCK landing pad is covered by a nest of black dragons, 4 tweenager ones to be precise, fuck fuck fuck Ok we killed two of them, OH GOD MOMs HERE NOPE TIMe to TELEPORT. thankfully we manged to teleport out and head to the capitol building where ONCE AGAIN we get shunted (Im REALLY starting to hate that) but thankfully we were all invisd at the time and managed to avoid the notice of the ZILLIONZ of orcs that had turned the old capitol into thier new capitol. We manage to fly in and infiltrate the throne room and set up a distraction and yell “Dragons are attacking!” which pulled most orcs out of the throne room, which we then jumped the remaing few orcs left. que door opening and massive shennanigans to alpha down the two healing types, then we played keepaway from the scary smashyorcs and teleported all over the room until the bard failed his defensive casting thing, which resulted in me getting turned into a dead smear. …… I’m not sure what exactly happened next, but I woke up later after getting fed a super-potion by the one gnome (apparently because I was the only way he could get home, greatful little bugger) turns out they killed him, grabbed the crown and a couple things and buggered out. We did the same, went and talked to the mom and elves and they said “great! we’ll totally be allies with Darrow and all that and accept this artifact level item, just go do this first!” “ok, we’ll do this tomorrow” “Nooooo, go do it now.” “……..” Soooooo we teleported into the throne room of the troll king to retrieve ANOTHER artifact for the elves (greedy buggers) and proceed to do the exact same plan (fireworks, yell dragon, jump the king) and jumped back and forth across the room again as they charged after us (holy hell they hurt) tho I managed not to die! So we got the SECOND artifact for the elves, and they FINALLY agreed to become allies and do the king ceremony. after all the other party members came back together they brought the …. Mace….. and smashed the phylactery which resulted infixing the gnome. huzzah.

  • Discover we need crown/ritual/bloodline to fix the gnome
  • teleport to elf village, foudn bloodline (Aurelia is part of it, her brothers dead but his kid was ahead of her still)
  • Elf mom says sure if you have the crown we’ll talk so port to elvaria
  • Teleport/Shunt, fought black dragons and ran after killing some
  • port to capitol, foudn it overrun by Orcs, get to throne room
  • Create distraction, kill king, kill Arcturus, grab crown, run
  • True Rez Arcturus
  • Port back, discover have to get ANOTHER thing for elves
  • port to trolls, same distraction plan
  • kill troll king, grab stuff, get back
  • Elves Agree to alliance!
  • Fixed Gnome
  • huzzah!
We're taking Lexi back.

Characters: Cornelius, Thadius, Arcturus
Plan: Re-establish King of Elvaris
DM: Andrew

  • To return Lexius’ soul to his body, we needed to destroy the phlactory at the feet of the King of Elvaris using a mitheral…dilldo.
  • We also agreed to provide a vessal of Lexi’s choosing for her soul to transfer to.
  • Discovered Aurelia is a descendant of the last King of Elvaris.
  • Travelled to Aurelia’s village to look for her brother as he would be next in line for the throne. He was killed one year earlier fighting the trolls of the Troll Marshes. His three year-old son is the next in line, but his mother was uncertain about what to do. We spoke to a town elder in great length about the fall of Elvaris and the possible location of the crown needed to perform the ceremony to name a new king.
  • C, A, & T began the multiple teleport journey to Elvaris. The final teleport resulted in a shunt that sent us to the Twilight Halls. Four adolescent black dragons were waiting in ambush. After killing two, the colossal mother dragon arrived and we split. There were piles of treasure, and the mother dragon was wearing several magical items.
  • C, A, & T then travelled to the throne room, which was now the center of a large orc city. They were able to cause a large diversion and quickly take out the sitting orc king and his personal guard. They now had the crown. Arcturus died during the battle, but was later raised.

*C, A, & T returned to Aurelia’s village with the crown. The elves agreed to crown Aurelia’s nephew as king and support Darrow if we agreed to find and return an artifact they needed in their ongoing war with the trolls.

*C, A, & T went to the occupied elven castle and again were able to create a distraction and move quickly in to the throne room where the artifact was being worn by the troll king. After killing him and his guard they returned to the village.

  • The elves were grateful and offered the power of the artifact whenever we needed it. (1 hour regen bane 2d6+2 & no regen)
A lighthouse... Shiny.

Monday July 17, 2017
DM Dave
Players: Sameera, Salty Pete, Gare, Finneus


My latest assignment has nothing to do with the situation at home, but does affect the greater threat we face. The Blunderbuss’ have been obsessed with restoring Lexus to his former self…they could think of little else. I chose to assist them both because I personally believe they are useful assets that need to be at full strength, but more importantly I wanted to make sure the sentient girl trapped in Lexus body was not “killed.” With assurances that they would not destroy the girl, Finneus, Gare, Salty Pete, and I made our way North to Rosemont to research the whereabouts of the mithril dildo. On route we were forwarded a distress call from the very same town. It seems their lighthouse on Old Captain Rock had been captured and its keepers had been taken hostage. We landed north of town to avoid drawing attention to ourselves and walked into town to do a bit of information gathering. I learned the Pirate that had most likely captured the lighthouse was Black Molly who is rumored to be a hag . I also learned that the wreckage of the Flying Cloud is rumored to be near the lighthouse and that it may have belonged to Capt. Isaac in a previous life.

We decided to deal with the lighthouse first so Pete sent Hali to reconnoiter. There was 3 blue giants patrolling the outside, a ship built to accommodate creatures like giants moored close by, there were 4 hostages being tormented by Black Molly on the 2nd floor, and 2 bizarre 3 eyed very large humanoids on the top floor near the light. We decided to teleport in and attempt to save the hostages. As soon as we got in we were hit by some kind of aura that left some of our party confused. Both Hali and Finnius’ triceratops were affected. Those of us with our wits about us started to try and free the prisoners as we battled Black Molly. Luckily even though the triceratops stepped on one of the hostages Salty Pete was able to teleport them back to the town. As soon as he left the hag used a word of recall to escape… with everyone’s head clear we decided to go up to the light to remove the 3 eyed creatures.

Without waiting for Pete we ascended the staircase. Both fanged, red skinned creatures triggered spells, attacked physically, and had a beam attack that came out of their eye. Pete joined us quickly but Finneus and Gare were taking the brunt of the attacks. The creatures cast multiple fire spells like fire wall and incendiary cloud as we fought them… we could soon see cracks on the glass of the light. After we killed his comrade, the last creature tried to shatter the glass between attacks. Fearing what he would do if he was able to expose a large store of pressurized lamp oil, I surrounded the light with stone to seal it away. We soon dispatched him as well and Hali checked on the ship which was speeding away.

Using the lighthouse as a base, we explored the water around the promontory and soon found the Flying Cloud. We were able to salvage the mithril dildo from the wreck, so have been able to “cure” both Lexus and “Lexi” who now inhabits a simulacrum. Beyond having a whole Blunderbuss clan, we have discovered that Mackerel Jack is not only Keltesarian , he is also a rogue black mage. If I am able I will see if I can seek out an Imperial audience to discuss this with the Emperor, but regardless you should act on this information.

With Love,

{{What was really beneath the Flying Cloud was a huge crab covered in gold and jewels. Salty Pete started to parlay with the creature… it was obvious he was obsessed with being sparkly. Sameera negotiated a trade…the dildo for a very very large amount of jewels and gold. Since we may return to battle him another day it was best not to inform Sameera’s spy master. }}

Report on the Traitors

Sunday July 16,2017
DM Andrew
Players: Sameera, Rontor, Arcturus, Cornelius, Aurelia, TKW III

Although I know the situation is nebulous there, I hope this letter finds you, Nazim, and those at the Temple well. As always the Captain sends his regards. I know news of the admiral are always of special interest to you so I decided to send you a report post haste.

Aurelia’s very competent network gave us solid intel that one of the traitor’s warships had been seen off the coast of a small uninhabited island. Since it was near an island familiar to us Arcturus was able to teleport us there. After briefly reconnoitering on the island we determined that the ship was there for some project under the water. I noticed that Faruk ibn Faruk appeared to be in charge of the warship, we knew he had been associated with the admiral, but it is still upsetting to see that another fine family has betrayed the Emperor… or at least its heir. The ship had a skeleton crew so we teleported to the deck and proceeded to battle them. The advantage was ours, given their surprise, yet in my arrogance I miscalculated … luckily Thomas is such a skilled paladin that he was able to save me from a dire situation. Rontor, TKW and Arcturus handled themselves well as usual. We were able to capture 5 sailors, but Faruk and his cleric fled beneath the water.

Instead of giving chase immediately, we decided to disable the ship and to look for the oarsmen slaves. While we were securing the crew and freeing the slaves Cornelius appeared on the ship… apparently on accident. We had a small debate on whether to move the ship or pursue Faruk and ultimately decided to follow. We put the slaves on the island and I told Rais where to find them in case we couldn’t come back. The five of us followed the rope down to the floor and followed strangely glowing rocks that led us to an underground cave. We were met by a very prepared Faruk. He had around 10 men who had very obviously been preparing for us. They had both anti-teleport and anti-flying damper on the caves… it seemed a bit strange and maybe something you should look into. Regardless both Arcturus and Cornelius were forced to walk… Arcturus was not pleased.

TKW prepared as he was moving into position, Cornelius got in the way of a spear or 8 which caused Rontor to get a bit impatient and charge forward without the paladin. I was still underwater when Rontor was near death, I did what I could from the water but I could not keep up with the relentless assault on Rontor. To our horror when he struck down one of the men he immediately took undead form… they all did eventually. When Rontor finally fell I admit I did not think it through clearly, I ran to the frontline to raise him. They focused on him for a bit but of course when he did not fall again they turned their ire to me. As I was falling to Faruk, I heard Aurelia behind me in the water; I was falling in and out of consciousness, but when I came to still near death I saw the poor girl paralyzed and drowning in 9 inches of water.

I will admit much of the fight is a blur to me, I’d no sooner healed myself and I would injured, by the grace of Calistria the others picked them off one by one as I floundered. TKW, and an invisible Rontor and Cornelius picked them of with the help of Arcturus and even poor Aurelia. I was finally catching my breath as we neared the end of the fight, when Arcturus called out there was a black robe, a sea hag, and a black crystal up ahead. I heard Cornelius directing Rontor into the room… despite the fact we 3 felt a powerful spell being prepared. We could hear them battling and were making our way in their when Cornelius yelled that Rontor was gone… some thought he meant invisible but he had been sent to another plane.
Cornelius and the hag were battling as we all made our way down the hall, by the cackles turning into cries of pain Cornelius was getting the better of her. There was no sign of the black robe. TKW got there about when the hag disappeared, the gnome jumped on his back and said she was fleeing and ordered him to follow the invisible hag. I was frustratingly ignorant to much of this… simply trying to catch up, but the two followed the hag to a symbol that allowed one to teleport in and out of the suppression field. We all searched the caves after and Cornelius blew up the crystal. We took the crew and the slaves back to Darrow to be questioned and the crew to face justice.

Through the paperwork and interrogations we have found out that Mackerel Jack is leading the slavers in Caras Shallows. That because of the insecurity of Mackerel Jack’s he is building a new base on an new island from which to run his operations. It is confirmed that Carlis and the traitors are in league with each other…as well as Mackerel Jack. Please share the appropriate information with the parties that would derive the most use from them. If you find anything out I will be glad of the help… the times are desperate and all good people must work to see things right.
With Love,

How do people do this ugh.

So….. having to walk everywhere sucks…

We teleported to the island She told us about to “sneak” up on the boat. Turns out they were all doing stuff underwater so we decide to all hop over on the boat and take it over real quick to take out their retreat place, which worked pretty well honestly, tho the general guy jumped overboard and the cleric guy jumped too. We had a spirited discussion about to follow them or not and eventually did. They were in a underwater cave … waiting for us….. and then the barbarian just ran forward and started a chain of my party almost dieing constantly… which is good I suppose because when we killed the enemies they kept respawning as undead things. very nasty. I finally decide to WALK, (yes WALK, this entire area was covered by some sort of teleport-blocking spell. ugh. it was also blocking flying effects but really, who bothers with that) over behind the general via a time stop and deliver a handful of disintegrates to the back of his head…. and proceed to whif on all of them. welp. I’d better just go look around this corner – oh look a big bad Black Robe and a Hag, Wonderful. About FACE! time to plod around after the rest of the party members until they …… wait…… whered some of them go?…. sigh. oh thank god we finally “chased the hag off” through a circle that let you teleport in/out of the area. I guess we can… go get Rontor? where’d he go?

  • Teleported to island
  • Teleported to the ship
  • Captured ship via CC and driving off the bosses
  • entered underwater cave (picked up a couple other PCs, when they got shunt-teleported to me)
  • Nearly lost multiple people multiple times.
  • Dead bad guys keep raising as Undead things, mummies, vampires, wights, ghosts
  • Found a giant necro-crystal again
  • Rontor gets planeshifted to another plane (mechanus?)
  • Hag gets chased off
  • Returned to captured ship and got the slaves(freed) and prisoners(no longer free) and directed the ship back home.
  • Oh also got Rontor back.
New Blundertown
Go Into the Water

Sunday, Dave’s table
Matt (Gare)
John (Salty Pete)
Dyllon (Mitch)
Jared (Lexi)
Justin (Thadius)

We traveled to Ashenport because Ziva’s ship (the Delirium Veil) was sighted there for the first time since Ziva disappeared.

Port city (population about 1000)
Used to be Podunk but now is thriving
Known to have disappearances

We were met by the Harbor Master
As we came into town a really big Storm hit

We went to the Smooth Sailing Tavern/Inn
When we got there the storm got so bad that people could barely walk on the street
Mitch flirted with Relena (Barmaid)
Salty Pete made friends with Tersha from the gold leaf trading consortium (they have gold leaf tattoos on their arms)

“The Call”
At night, we heard a loud horrible sound that was impossible to ignore
People got hypnotized and start walking into the sea
We try to stop as many as possible
Huge copper skinned merman was in the water
Matt tried to attack it, but it made a massive whirlpool and Matt had to be rescued by Justin
The Call ended on its own
Lots of people and 2 gnomes were gone

The next morning we went to a temple of Saren Rae up on a hill
In the temple we found a secret stairway
We explored the secret basement and found a priest of Dagon doing some sort of ritual
The priest had a couple of demon buddies with gold leaf tattoos on their shoulders (turns out they were just unlucky guys who got affected by the call and turned into Dagon’s thralls)
The priest had a library of demonic lore in his chambers

We interrogated the priest
The town was doing poorly and they wished for help. The next day a scroll washed up. They started worshiping Dagon, and everything got better.
All the locals are cultists of Dagon
Ziva visited the town so she could read the priest’s books
Ziva wants to perform a ritual that will murder hundreds of mortals and give her massive demonic power

“The Call” will go off again
The call is powered by two altars. One is in the temple (we blow it up with a keg of gunpowder), the other is in a sea cave near the town.
We went to the cave and there were a lot of cultists there. We blew them up too, but the altar survived.
A colossal snake monster showed up (the voice of dagon) and started melting our brains.
We killed it, but it made Salty Pete into a scum.
We destroyed the altar and heard an even worse sound (like the call)
When we came out of the cave, all the locals were gone and there were footprints leading into the sea.


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