Character Creation Rules

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Character Generation Rules

These rules have been updated for 2017. Year 3 of our 3 year pirate plan.

We will be starting at 15th level. Anyone who attended all sessions last year will be somewhere in the level 14-15 range. Please keep your current xp if you are level 15, otherwise please level up to 15. Anyone joining this year, or anyone who missed sessions last year, or anyone who lost their character and didn’t update online – you will be starting at 425,000 minimum xp for level 15. We are using fast track xp chart.

Any official Pathfinder source is acceptable, no 3rd party source material without DM permission (I will probably say no, unless it is from Cerulean Seas. Psionics on case by case basis).

Great site for info is

69 points to increases stats, all stats start at 6. Apply racial modifications afterwards. Don’t forget to add points for level 4 and 8.

7 – 10 : 1 point each

11 – 12 : 2 points each

13 – 14 : 3 points each

15 – 16 : 4 points each

17 – 18 : 5 points each

If you do not use all of your allocation points, you can trade them for additional starting hero points. Each allocation point is worth 1 hero point.

Hitpoints: All characters get maximum hit points for first level. Each level after they automatically get half of their class’s hitdice, and must roll the other half.

Wealth: Each character starts out with 62,000 gp. This is the book amount for starting at 10th level. No more than 30,000 gp can be spent on a single item. This will also be starting wealth for new/rewritten for characters in 2017 at 15th level. Extra wealth and items will be awarded before the game depending on character backstory.

Races – Descriptions of the core races and their local politics.

Classes – A bit about which classes are available, and what house rules may apply to them.

Character Backstory – Make a short character history, get extra Hero points and character traits. Here is what you will need to include.

No character flaws option.

No Leadership Feat.

Character Creation Rules

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