House Rules

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With four GMs, you will have a bit of flavor difference depending on whose table you are sitting at, and each GM is different in how we make decisions. In order to keep some consistency, here is a list of house rules, and any ruling added due to specific situations or questions.

Roll a 69! – This rule dates back to our high school days, and is one we shall never abandon. A 69 is always the best possible outcome for whoever rolled it.

Critical hit confirmed with a natural 20 – Use critical hit deck to determine effect. Still use weapon’s standard crit modifier for rolling damage.

Spell Crits – Use critical hit deck to determine effect of all Spell Critical hits.

Hero Points Hero Points are an optional rule in the Advanced Players guide which we will be using. There are several rules for how you can use hero points given in the rule book. Here is how we will be using ours: Getting and Using Hero Points

No Leadership Feat I don’t allow this feat for a few reasons. The biggest reason though is I feel the gathering and keeping of loyal followers should be something roleplayed.

House Rules

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