Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Ahoy me hearties! Yo ho!
Where to get started

The Crew meets for the first time!

After introductions, Cap’n Darrow explained to the crew that he plans to bring peace and happiness to the Caras Shallows by becoming King of the Isles. He tells them that the powerful Voodoo Lady, Vondra, has read the signs and had visions, and that she came to him and told him that if he did not grab hold of this destiny, then the region would fall to war and slavery and destruction.

Part of her visions included gathering the crew that is now here. WIth out them playing their part Cap’n Darrow would fail.

But the future is fluid, dancing from possibility to possibility. It is not set in stone that Darrow and your crew will be victorious, and there are long and difficult trials ahead. But enough of that worrying and wallowing! Darrow doesn’t know much about being a king, but he does know to listen to the advice of his crew, and he needs your advice!

And so he talked a bit about what you know. To begin, There are four Pirate Lords with the power to not only prevent Darrow from taking control, but more than capable of taking control of the Shallows for themselves.

Admiral Watt – athoritarian Admiral, who used to be fleet commander for the Empire of Estar, Watt is building a fleet powerful enough to control the shallows by brute force and viciousness. He has been missing for two years on some mission to gain power, leaving his cohorts, Ravhand and Miss Bryant in charge, but now he is back and he and his crew are building their fleet.

President Captain Isaac- He seems like a charismatic and goofy fop of a man, but Vondra warns that he too has the capability of destroying any possibility of a good future for the Shallows. How, she doesn’t know, but the entrails never lie.

Cap’n Solo – one armed, one tusked, one legged, one eyed! This brutal half orc captain epitomizes the cruelty his race is known for. He is working for the Mayor of Carlis, who keeps the pirate outfitted with powerful gnomish inventions, made by his sweatshop of gnomish slaves.

Ziva – Mysterious and haunting Ziva, she is a new force to the shallows, but tales of her Delirium Veil are spreading, and the tales are dark indeed. Vondra warns of Ziva, saying a future with her in control of the Shallows would be dark indeed.

And that doesn’t include what all is happening in the politics on the mainland, or beneath the waves where the merfolk kingdom is under siege from Sahuagin and Sea Trolls.

“So where do we be startin?” Darrow asks his crew of rescued allies.

(If ye haven’t yet, it be time ta make yer character. Thar be plenty o’ info fer doin’ so on tha wiki. Just be clickin’ on tha Character Creation Rules and read a bit to get a feel for tha flavor o’ tha campaign. Arrrrr!

It be important to be writin’ yer character biography as well, since ye can be gettin’ free Character Traits and Hero Points. Whether or not ye be writin’ yer history, ye need to be thinkin bout why ye be loyal to ol’ Cap’n Darrow. Also, how did ye have yer near death experience, which Cap’n Darrow be wrestin’ ya from tha grips of Davy Jones?)

Finding Pelorious

Finding Pelorious 7/13 AM: Finneus, Mitch, Francisco, Thomas, Cornelius, Lexus, Jarg.

Upon Splitting from our other compatriots, we decided to track down the gnomish inventor Pelorious Thibleswreck. We stopped by Mackerel Jacks to obtain some sort of lead as to where our tiny friend might be being held captive and, after greasing some palms, managed to descern where to start looking thanks to Jim the cook.
Mackerel Jack’s
We sailed to one of Admiral Watts northern most islands where Francisco and myself performed a slight recon mission and managed to find where Pelorious and a few other gnomes were being held and working on what will come to be called the “Super Sonar Sextant” The gnomes were being drugged by some vile green mystical drug/poison, and were mildly derranged…though im starting to feel that, that may be a gnomish trait… I disguised my self as a gnome to infiltrate the small shanty town and successfully made contact. I attempted to escape out the back of the shack as my reduce potion was waring off though i was still disguised i failed sneaking, quick thinking (as always) acted as an old sea dawg who REALLY need to urinate. i then reconvened with the party and we hatched an elaborate plan to blow up the enemy ship, save the gnomes, and escape with our lives. Cornelius gave Finneus a few crates to attach to the boat which had a delay of 10 minutes, as he (Finneus) and Thomas grabbed a weeks supply of the dastardly drug that the gnomes had been being fed, i lead the gnomes out the front door as Thomas and Finneus were retreating, so the four of us lead the 12 gnomes to the beach where we could signal our ship.
But we were not out of the jungle yet…
We were chased by four enraged, and enlarged, enemies. Thomas held 3 at bay with help from Finneus while Francis and I dispatched the other though not without taking a few greivous wounds ourselves. I attempted to dispatch another and snuck my rapier into his kidney, to which he responded with an axe in my head.

The Next thing i remember, i was staring out over the ocean infront of a number of voodoo shrines. Recognizing the shore line, I hastely made my way back to vondras abode to find the rest of my allies and 2 of the 12 gnomes that survived and apparently another who was on the retreaval mission; A cleric named Jarg, Pelorious, and Lexus Blunderbuss.

The Big Mermaid
Game 1 - Saturday PM (group 1 of 3)

Guen, Aurelia, Grams and Maiyri set off to discover what was preventing the Merfolk from protecting the waters from the Sahuagin. After sharpening our skills on a scouting group, we met up with the Merfolk. They informed us that the Queen of the Mer-people was being held prisoner by the King of the Sahuagins.
She was used as a pawn to prevent the Merfolk from protecting the waters. We agreed to assist the Merfolk in a rescue attempt to save the Queen.

We used the trident that we secured from the “practice” scouting party to earn the trust of the Sahuagin King for the purchase of slaves.

Oh yes, it was a trap:
We fought an epic battle, using all our mighty girl power to defeat the Sahuagin King and rescue the captured Queen. We collected a plentiful booty to share with our group to enhance their skills. The Queen was so grateful for the rescue she has given us free, safe passage, and her allegiance.

XP Awarded – 3,150

Wendi – Guendalyn
Shelby – Maiyri
Tierney – Aurelia
Christina – Gramzy

Me hearties be missin' !
07/12/14 (Night) (Dave)


Ollie, Mitch, Salty Pete, and eventually Thomas!

Capn’ Darrow was missin 3 of his mates. Iggy the Dagger, Tad the Pink, and Runnin’ Quid Kid. We heard these pirates we’re the hard partying type, but they’ve been far longer than a regular bender should be. So, we headed down to Mackrel Jacks, to hunt down their trail and save them from whatever danger they’ve gotten into.

After quick deliberation we we’re certain that there was only one place that our hard livin buddies would hang out: The Seediest bar in town! We ran down to the Mermaid’s scale. It was a pirates haven, packed to he brim and full of all sorts of unnecessary smells. The three of us split to check out each corner of the bar and see if we could track down our buds. My first course of action was to get the best drink in the place. After a downing a glass of Squid Ink rum I passed out.

But! When I awoke, Salty Pete and Mitch had some some great investigating, They heard that our buddies got taken into the Black Garter, a “nice” brothel on the edge of town. We heard rumors that men were going in and never returning. Perfect for me! I’ll get captured and break out when they me! Then the rest of our crew could attack from the rear during my heroic escape! Mitch and I went into the brothel to be captured.

After setting up Mitch with a nice lady to lay, I sat down with my new pen pal Leila and had a great time playing chess, talking about home, and the rumors of the land. She even gave me a special antidote to help with my hangover. The time flied as chatted, then Salty Pete busted in! Mitch was captured and put on a ship!

We ran down the hill to save him, finding Thomas on the way. He had done some investigating on his own, and his clues directed him right to the same ship Mitch was aboard. Now the ship was rushing to leave port! Thomas, ran in to arrest the crew, providing a distraction for Salty Pete and I to sneak aboard. But Thomas’ attempt was ill wrought, and the kidnappers flipped the boarding board he was running up, causing him to fall into the waters below.

Salty Pete managed to get aboard the ship, but I had to save my heavily armored friend! I jumped in and used all of my strength and magic to get him above water. Battle was waging on the ship deck, and with time men we’re throwing Bolas down at us as well. Thomas and I finally began to board the ship, hesitant about the fight we’ve started wit the rules of Mackrel Jacks, but alas, none of that mattered as the fight on the ship went poorly. Thomas boarded and surrendered along with Salty Pete, (and I think Mitch too for some reason, how I have to clue). I couldn’t get captured with them, no one could save them that way! I jumped off the boat, telling them I’d return.

But to my surprise Matar Vega was in the water, hanging off one of the many ropes cut from the ships quick departure. He told me to be silent, he was a spy on the ship and he’d hide me on board while he found time to bust out the rest of my friends and our missing buddies.

I hid in a barrel for sometime, over hearing words about Captain Watt’s gnome, and getting updates from Matar Vega. He told me the three we we’re after had been shanghaied by Ziva, and we’re lost to us here. The rest of the men on this boat awaited the same fate. With good timing and a hidden dingy, Matar got us off the ship in secrecy. From there we met up with a friendly smuggling vessel and headed home. We’ll have to wait before we can save Captain Darrow’s lost friends.

Noah's Ark
Game 1 - Saturday PM (group 2 of 3)

A ship transporting cargo of exotic creatures belonging to a gentleman named Noah was attacked and sank in the waters off the coast of Carlis. Captain Solo was behind the attack. Fortunately the animals were being transported while under some type of magically induced stasis so they were still alive at the bottom of the sea. Noah hired a team of six Gnomes with shipwreck salvaging expertise to recover his precious cargo. While recovering the contents of Noah’s shipment from the sea floor the Gnomes’ ship was attacked. Five of the Gnomes were taken. The sixth Gnome, named Yousaf, escaped capture. After the attack the offending ship made its way for Carlis. Gathered intelligence suggested something of importance to our mission was happening near the ruins in Carlis, the former site of the Blunderbuss workshop.

Cornelius, Thaddeus and I retuned to Carlis but a month after the explosion at the Blunderbuss Workshop. I returned to the workshop. Maybe these five Gnomes had been taken to replace the Blunderbuss brothers. The workshop was being rebuilt but there was no sign of the five Gnomes. Near the workshop I noticed a large stadium which must have been erected sometime in the last month because I hadn’t remembered seeing it during my time in Carlis. The basement chambers of the stadium was a menagerie full of strange beasts. The beasts were being forced to fight one another for sport within the stadium walls. These were Noah’s exotic beasts, there could be no doubt. But still, no sign of the Gnomes.

We received intelligence of a ship leaving Carlis approximately 2 days after the attack on Yousaf and his comrades with a description matching that of the offending ship. It was headed towards the swamplands to the north of Carlis. We set sail due north in search of the Gnomes. At sea we were attacked by a ship armed with a grappling hook canon flying Solo’s flag. Unfortunately for them we had two on the resourceful Blunderbuss brothers on board. Cornelius lit their sails aflame with something pulled from his bag. As the flames began to engulf the sails of the enemy ship a fierce Dwarven warrior named Rontor burst from the lower decks, destroying all who stood in his path. As flame worked its way from sails to mast a powerful explosion erupted from the lower decks of the ship. Over the next few hours Rontor and the Blunderbuss brothers salvaged the grappling hook canon from the sea floor.

The ship we had just destroyed (which counted lizard men amongst its crew, flying Solo’s flag) had traveled by a channel way which appeared to lead into the heart of the swamplands. Perhaps this would lead us to the Gnomes. We hoped desperately they had been taken this way. Our crew was unable to navigate our ship through the channel, we would have to go in deeper by row boat. Myself, Cornelius, Thaddeus, and Rontor loaded up and rowed into the swamps. We discovered a cave inland perhaps a few hundred feet, fresh track activity outside of its mouth. After a disappointing reconnaissance mission between Rontor and myself within the cave we came back to the row boat, we would need Cornelius and Thaddeus to progress further. We found the five Gnomes within the cave and dispatched their captors. We returned to Captain Darrow’s ship with Yousaf and his five comrades, together they were salvage team Seal Team 6. They were formerly Seal Team 7 before one of them was eaten by a shark. Rest his soul.


Shiver me Timbers
Trees beware!

Cornelius Bluderbuss

We set out to the Island upon which Watt was apparently cranking out warships at an unbelievable rate. With little information, our arrival was even more lackluster… there appeared to be no bustling ports to make the adventure easy. Our sailors gave us a quick dingy life to shore, and thus our adventure began.

To find the location of our adversaries, I bouyant ballooned Ollie above the treeline. When he floated back down, he had a few locations for us. We set out to the first, and found an entire portion of the forest encased in ice. Completely confused as to how this would allow him to produce waships at an alarming rate, we left to the next locationOllie had for us.

When we found it, it was almost as baffling. After a little recon, Tierney informed us that walking trees speaking sylvan were magically producing the ships. I decided that I needed to speak to the trees, as the only individual who could speak sylvan. I inquired amongst my companions who was sneaky, and again the elf volunteered to create the distraction. I gave her a two-minute fuse, and several extracts which would allow her to sneak wherever she might go.

Minutes later, there was a huge explosion. Distraction success! Ollie and I went looking for a walking tree while Maylie waited for the elf. I found one, but all he complained about was being cold. When I gave him a potion to make him not cold, he complained about being stuck. Obviously this had something to do with the ice forest. Before we could set off, a charred and completely dead version of our elf stumbled back to us.

Once arriving at the ice forest, Ollie poked it. Then MY arm got frozen, completely unacceptable. Knowing this was some strange magic shenanigans, I tossed a dispelling bomb at the ice. A portion disappeared. Using this method, I released a ‘tree ent’ who told me that they were bound by strange gold rings. He stuck us on his shoulders and carried us back to his enslaved ent buddies. We freed as many as we could, but eventually the fancy-pants pirates noticed that we were ruining their hard work. Battle ensued, tree ent vs cannon embankment. It was a messy affair, and our party was even launched via tree and hang glider to deal with our own group of Watt’s soldiers.

After all the blood and gore, we freed the remaining ents. (Ollie had to return to mackerel jacks to get a few extra scrolls first.) They allowed us to take the four warships they had just completed, ents had no use for them. They also gave us promises that once they secured their borders, they would help me build my airship. All in all, a very successful venture.

Therapeutic Interventions_ Ms. Trollfengar


Entry Log Date July 13th


I received correspondence from Ms. Trollfengar again today, and fear her condition worsens based upon its contents.

Ms Trollfengar writes of an experience wherein she joined a “Booty Contest” in the Caras Shallows. Taking into account Ms. Trollfengar’s age and admittedly limited cognitive functioning, it appears very unlikely that she would engage in such an event.

However, nonetheless Ms. Trollfengar appears convinced that was indeed part of this contest and as such that she and her “twerking” companions. Ms. Trollfengar reports of her heroic companions “booty bumping” and “butt racing” to get enough coins to ultimately win the contest and rig the final event so that she and her “friends”(?) could participate in what I can only discern is a violent game of tug-of-war.

Ms. Trollfengar reports a significant amount of concern for one of her female ficticious comrades whom she has named “Guen” stating that “Guen” had won the Best Booty contest and that she is concerned for her friend’s safety in the clutches of the sexually deviant mastermind behind the Gluteus Games. It is reported by Ms. Trollfengar that her “crew” are all immensely skilled in combat and thus have gained rewards upwards of 12,000 G. These reports are likely unfounded.

To demonstrate rapport building capability, Ms. Trollfengar reports that she has received golden " booty shorts" and that she will teach me the " dance of her people" upon her return.

I am relieved that Ms Trollfengar reports that she will be writing in another couple of weeks so that Ms. Trollfengar’s condition can still continue to be monitored. Judging by the rotting, putrid scent emanating from her letter, the blue chicken feces on it’s exterior and the chicken entrails used to seal the envelope, I see cause to continue ongoing psychological evaluation as to Ms, Trollfengar.


At this point in time, no identifiable and appropriate treatment method is available to address Ms. Trollfengar’s symptoms. Ongoing assessment required.

Next Appointment: Unknown
Client Location: Letter addressed from “Ninja Sex Party Island- the one with the butts. Caras Shallows, Iridos” Valid location unknown.

These are Not the Sulfur Mines Youre Looking for
Game 2 - Sunday pm

Dear Crazy Uncle Eddy,
Some nights I drink to my grand adventures. Sometimes it be a drink of of celebration or commiseration. Tonight, I drink not for with one of those, as our mission was not one of success or failure. So, being dead and all, we are a the liberty of the voodoo lady. We must keep her and the island of her residence safe at all costs. The Captain Solo be the most imminent threat to our safety and future. Word of the warf be that d Captain Solo has a source for huge quantities of sulfur. I don’t know much about the sulfur. Back in Nar Jabal the stuff was about, but not of much interest to us. I do remember back in Keltasar that it had practical uses for the Mages. If those mages only knew how easy it is to come by back home do to our volcanic environment, we’d have dose fookers trying to buy it from our clans always and forever. These kids with there boom sticks seem to be super excited about the stuff as well. Apparently dis Capin Solo be even more powerful than before if has all this sulfur. The kids do not seem to be thinking, that he is using it fer spells of even selling it to da mages up north, but for his own boom sticks. I am much more assured that hs be using the mineral for his own boom sticks than as components in nasty spells. This give me hope that Solo is not so evil to be aligning with mages. Hell, we have more than enough unsettling casters in our group as it is, I’d hate to think that our enemies be casting this much too. Anyway, we decided to shore up our situation through weakening Solo. We set out to find his sulfur source and the the goal of stealing it for the boom kids or hampering him in some fashion.
Four of set forth to find Solo’s sulfur source, the crazy as fook witch, the mind messin oracle, and Francis. We did not think that a direct assault on Solo on his island was wise, for did we think that was sulfur source. His new fort at the foot of the mountains was not a likely location either since the mountains around there are not said to be volcanic. So we sent ouf for the swamp, which was not only the last encounter our group had with Solo, but Darrow has heard rumor that the swamp is a likely location for the sulfur. Francis and I led the crazy casters to the cave where we rescued the Yu’s dudes. Recent tracks led us to believe someone had been here recently. IT was promising that we had found something worthy of not only visiting ut also protecting. Since Francis and I had been there last someone had gone through a great deal of effort to set up more and worse traps than before. Our venture through the cave ended wish us sealing our tombs. We were sealed in for at least five days as we smashed through solid rock in order to free ourselves. Luckily we are already dead or we would have suffocated to death. Any normal dwarf does not head under group without access to precious air and for five days we had none. Fookin Solo baited us into a trap. To make matters worse, a sip flying Solo’s colors attacked our ship while we were indisposped in the cave.
Frustrated and hungry, it was time for another plan. Crazy caster insisted the sulfur is not in swamps at all. She was sure Darrow was wrong. Fed up with the dead end, Guen wanted to take out her aggression on Solo himself. Francis and I talked them down from the ledge and we set out on the dingy once more. We skirted the coast searching for a second worthy channel. I rowed for two hundred miles over the course of three days fighting to keep the contents of my stomach on the inside as we endured the stench of the rotting crazy caster. Finally near the northern edge of the swamp, we rowed for three hours inland, and I climbed to the top of a mangrove tree in search of a better view. I spotted a clearing in the swamp and we abandoned our dinghy and marched into the murk. We found a smattering of buildings in various conditions. None of the buildings were occupied or contained anything of note, but we did find numerous footprints of lizardmen, humans, as well as boot prints. We also spotted a warehouse type structure in the middle of a lake. As the fooking crazy witch was flying with Francis toward the structure to investigate, three flying lizards started flying toward them. Our friends retreated and so did the lizards. We skirted the lizards in the hopes of finding them unawares. We attacked the nest. Francis killed two drakes but a third escaped. In the nest we found 5 drake eggs and a crystal shell. The lake was pure acid, and burned anything that touched it, especially the crazy witch. The crystal shell proved resistant to the acid, but we lacked propulsion. The crazy witch did infact fly to the warehouse to check it out. The warehouse has empty containers where we assumed was used as sulfur storage. She also reported pipes running from the ground probably used to collect sulfur as a hydrothermal vents. We were told, “Many sulfur compounds are odoriferous, and the smell of odorized natural gas, skunk scent, grapefruit, and garlic is due to sulfur compounds. Hydrogen sulfide produced by living organisms imparts the characteristic odor to rotting eggs and other biological processes.” The crazy witch confirmed she did infact smell sulfur, and we hope that she was not just smelling her own stench. She attempted to collect the odor, but that proved fruitless.


They be doing Watt? (Part 2)
Monday Evening

Cornelius Blunderbuss
Thadeus Blunderbuss
Lexius Blunderbuss

We began our trip back to Ft. Groon after receiving correspondence from Branch that we had an opportunity to free the priests from the museum and church of Shelyn. We made a brief stop at Mackeral Jacks to snag a few supplies, and a stow-away that we would kick off at Ft. Groon. Once in Groon, we set out to speak to Branch.

Apparently, the museum was setting up a special viewing party at the beach. This left us with a unique opportunity… the museum itself was supposedly empty. Seeing no reason to delay, we set out immediately. As advertised, the museum was unguarded. We unlocked the doors and snuck around. Eventually we found the church.

Upon opening the doors to the church, which opened to a large dome formed of stained glass, we discovered that we were expected. The buggers threw several bombs at us. Battle ensued. I spent my time running about inspecting the "priests’ whom were being drained, and discovered they were all children. Halfway through said battle, after which I felt we had the upper hand, a large and fairly familiar flying machine broke through the stained glass. A primitive form of my hang gliders brought a group of 4 men and one lizardman, bearing the threeclawed path I had seen on Solo’s lizardfolk. They dropped down, revived a giant that had been being drained for his priestly goo by the evil alchemists, and promptly ran away.

Deciding that we had bigger priorities, we let Solo’s men flee, and finished off the remaining alchemists. I revived one of the boys, and he had no idea where he was or what was going on. I revived the four I could with my supplies, and tried to convince Vega and Thomas to snag the relic. They insisted on staying to protect the children. Honorable I suppose. Thinking fast, I decided to fly out the broken glass dome and get our sailors to come carry children. Outside, I saw a large group of our adversaries rushing towards the museum. After a quick reconsideration, I flew back to the group.

Vega decided to stay and protect the children, while Thadeus and Thomas went out to stall the angry mob. Lexius and I took the four awake children, along with whichever kids they could carry, and rushed back to our ship. I quickly convinced the sailors to follow me back to the museum to get as many more kids as we could. When we returned, Thadeus was spinning a grand tale that had our opponents thoroughly distracted. The sailors and I snuck in the back door, and was able to get a solid thirty or so more children. That left another 15 or so to get, so again Vega stayed behind while we went back to the ship.

On our way back for the sailor’s second trip, we heard a commotion which we avoided on our way to the museum. When we got there, it was strangely completely unguarded. Strange, but Thadeus must have succeeded in whatever his plan was. We snagged Vega, the remaining children, and the relic before heading back to the ship.

Thadeus and Thomas were still missing in action, but we couldn’t risk the children. Vega took charge of the sailors, getting the junk ready to roll. I drank a potion, shrunk myself while making me quicker, and set out to find Thadeus. I quickly found Tim the Gilled Monkey, and he led me straight to Thadeus. Tim and I jumped on his back, I made Thadeus fly, and we made our escape into the sunset towards our fleeing ship.

Thaddeus’s Monkey Tim:

Raiders Of The Last Farm

7/14 PM: Mitch, Rontor, Loren, Francisco, Jarg.

Setting sail to find and cut off the raiders who have been destroying farming lands in Cap’n Darrows lands, we managed to find their pattern and predict the next island to be hit. We got there 2 days ahead of the planned attack, managed to warn the locals and set a series of shabby pits to route the raiders. we quickly managed to ward of the primary attack of the “Krakens Tentacle” who summon yeth hounds to strike fear into the hearts of their prey, only to find out that while we were protecting our people, another assaulting party was simultaneously destroying crops and salting the grounds. We were able to kill the secondary assault, and after getting back to town we were able to interrogate the 6 that we had alive but not before being interrupted by Cap’n Presidente Isaacs man Henson that claimed to have been “tracking down these bandits for some time” though we had just found out that Isaac had been hiring different bands. we begrudgingly struck an accord with Henson, split the prisoners in 2 groups with each “arresting” party getting the sleeves of the other prisoners (we had isaacs prisoners sleeves, and they had sleeves from ours) and went separate ways.



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