Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Ahoy me hearties! Yo ho!
Where to get started

The Crew meets for the first time!

After introductions, Cap’n Darrow explained to the crew that he plans to bring peace and happiness to the Caras Shallows by becoming King of the Isles. He tells them that the powerful Voodoo Lady, Vondra, has read the signs and had visions, and that she came to him and told him that if he did not grab hold of this destiny, then the region would fall to war and slavery and destruction.

Part of her visions included gathering the crew that is now here. WIth out them playing their part Cap’n Darrow would fail.

But the future is fluid, dancing from possibility to possibility. It is not set in stone that Darrow and your crew will be victorious, and there are long and difficult trials ahead. But enough of that worrying and wallowing! Darrow doesn’t know much about being a king, but he does know to listen to the advice of his crew, and he needs your advice!

And so he talked a bit about what you know. To begin, There are four Pirate Lords with the power to not only prevent Darrow from taking control, but more than capable of taking control of the Shallows for themselves.

Admiral Watt – athoritarian Admiral, who used to be fleet commander for the Empire of Estar, Watt is building a fleet powerful enough to control the shallows by brute force and viciousness. He has been missing for two years on some mission to gain power, leaving his cohorts, Ravhand and Miss Bryant in charge, but now he is back and he and his crew are building their fleet.

President Captain Isaac- He seems like a charismatic and goofy fop of a man, but Vondra warns that he too has the capability of destroying any possibility of a good future for the Shallows. How, she doesn’t know, but the entrails never lie.

Cap’n Solo – one armed, one tusked, one legged, one eyed! This brutal half orc captain epitomizes the cruelty his race is known for. He is working for the Mayor of Carlis, who keeps the pirate outfitted with powerful gnomish inventions, made by his sweatshop of gnomish slaves.

Ziva – Mysterious and haunting Ziva, she is a new force to the shallows, but tales of her Delirium Veil are spreading, and the tales are dark indeed. Vondra warns of Ziva, saying a future with her in control of the Shallows would be dark indeed.

And that doesn’t include what all is happening in the politics on the mainland, or beneath the waves where the merfolk kingdom is under siege from Sahuagin and Sea Trolls.

“So where do we be startin?” Darrow asks his crew of rescued allies.

(If ye haven’t yet, it be time ta make yer character. Thar be plenty o’ info fer doin’ so on tha wiki. Just be clickin’ on tha Character Creation Rules and read a bit to get a feel for tha flavor o’ tha campaign. Arrrrr!

It be important to be writin’ yer character biography as well, since ye can be gettin’ free Character Traits and Hero Points. Whether or not ye be writin’ yer history, ye need to be thinkin bout why ye be loyal to ol’ Cap’n Darrow. Also, how did ye have yer near death experience, which Cap’n Darrow be wrestin’ ya from tha grips of Davy Jones?)


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