Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

That Girl is Poison...
Thursday Afternoon

DM: David

The group set out on a fact finding mission. The mission was to set off for Mackerel Jack’s to gather information on Ziva. The group consisted of Salty Pete, Gramzy, Cornelious, Oli, and Signet. The group headed to the Missing Scales and to Black Garter, but with little result. On the way through town they encountered Captain Tobias ‘Balloon Swallower’, who appeared to be beating the town at liar’s dice. As the rest of the day had been a bust the group sat down for some high stakes gambling, little did they know how high stakes it would be. The game quickly escalated, and before they knew it Capt Tobias was ‘all in’ on one round of liar’s dice. Captain Tobias called lair, and lost his ship….the Twilight Runner. The group was a little suspicious of their new acquisition, however it was a fine vessel so to the seas it went.

Salty Pete was promoted to Captain and the Twilight was renamed the ‘Ships and Dip’. On day two of sailing the skies became stormy. The seas parted revealing a huge shark…..and the old tale of Fin Fin – the ghost shark was quickly remembered. The tale states that Fin Fin was finally killed by a captain ages ago, and to this day he haunts who ever serves as captain of the Blood Dawn every evening. The battle was fierce, however the crew managed to fight off Fin Fin and set off immediately to bring revenge to Captain Tobias for his evil ploy. The group also remembered that the legend states that there any piece of the harpoon that originally speared the beast offers protection against the curse….and Captain Tobias just happened to have a wooden ring.

The group was torn on how to enact their revenge on Captain Tobias. They were currently residing on Mackerel Jack’s Island, which demands no attempts on the Captain’s life. The group settled on a Hail-Mary attempt at fixing Gramzy up with a disguise as well as an aroma cancelling spell and sending her in to seduce the Captain in order to capture him and get his protection ring. Gramzy managed to get a few Squid ink beers into the captain and take him back to enact the plan. The team managed to slip off the ring and place the Captain back on the Blood Dawn just in time to promote him back to Captain, without a wooden ring on his finger…….and Fin Fin took care of the rest.

The Captain Salty Pete has control of the Ships and Dip and wears a wooden ring for the rest of this life.

Setting Loose Solo's Slaves

7/17 AM; Mitch, Thomas, Rontor

Mustering our strength for our coming battle against Watt, we started at Mackerel Jack’s and found out that the Keltezarian slavers, who were gonna sell to Watt before his loss in power, have since decided to sell to Solo for his slave pits. We all agreed that taking out the slavers was a much more noble of a cause.
After gathering as much information we could and spending most of our coin on simple weapons, we set sail for Solo’s “staging” island. When we got there however… we found that the island is a natural fortress with a single entrance for ships and 40’ cliffs all around. We dingied in with all our weapons and climbed scaled the cliffs and hauled the weapons up the side.
TKWIII and I were overwhelmed at first at the sight of 3000lbs of weapons in bundles and a 7 mile journey through very rough terrain. My math isn’t stellar, but I was figuring that it was going to take us three days to get all the weapons to where we needed it. I was trying to figure out how much I should reasonably carry and not fall too far behind when I realized TKWIII was already the slowest. TKWIII moved at a rate 1/2 of what Rontor did when they are both holding a normal pace. I have seen some sights in my day, but nothing quite prepared me for seeing Rontor cast three spells on himself through wands, pick up two-thirds of all the weapons and then take off like a shot into the woods. I quickly realized it was fruitless for TKWIII and I to even carry anything as Rontor was going to need to grab another load. It was nice the TKWIII already had his armor off from the climb as he and I would not have been able to catch Rontor to tell him to slowdown if the knight’s armor was still on. It is kind of funny to think of it now that that Rontor was going to end up carrying the knights armor just so the knight to move 3/5’s of the rate as the short dwarf. Not once did the dwarf ever sound out of breath, but the big burly knight was huffing and puffing as bad as I was. Once we reached our “staging area” TKWIII started unpacking the weapons, Rontor went back for the second load and I started scouting to get a good lay of the land and formulate a plan. We sat for a while, admiring the extravagant docking system that we assume was built by gnomes. Devising a way to disable the docks and method for turning the boat around, waited for the ships to unload slaves, the sprung into action.
We freed and armed the slaves causing a chaotic melee, and quickly dispatched the orcs and attacked the slavers, Rontor took a beating attempted valiantly to destroy a caster only to be beat down by his bodyguards. Said caster then turned to me, used his magic to paralyze my body, leaving me to be cut down viciously.
Next thing I know, the ship has pulled itself from the docks and is rocking violently against the cliffs and Thomas Kingsley Wright III, is slowly but surely cutting down the slavers and Rontor is zombified and beating the tar out of the casters. I rushed to the helm to attempt to hold it steady enough for Thomas to jump back onto the docks, Told zombie Rontor to grab the bodies of the casters and get back to Vondra’s island, then skillfully, acrobatically and effortlessly flung myself onto the dock. We recovered a ship and around 1,000 slaves.

WATT's Da Matter
Game 7 (DM Andrew)

Da crew of Darrow sent me, braddah Thomas, Kapuna Grams, cousin Rontor back to Fort Grune to infiltrate another church to rescue da kine since we recovered of da kine already. So we sail to Mackerel Jack’s for some info den headed to Fort Grune to make some humbug.

We met at braddah Thomas uncles’ house. Aunty Eva McClarin was there waiting us for. We talked story and found out that with our previous missions had weaken plenny da kine. We den worked out a plan to enter another church while the resistance army attack Ft. Grune in order to reclaim da city and drive da bugger off.

We didn’t want to make beef right away and entered the sewers with da help of Aunty Eva’s cuz. We had choke defenses before washing away da rocks and stones from da wall connecting to da church. Da room had choke kahunas to Pelor dat were guarded. Da guard gave cuz the stink eye but Rontor moved up and gave him some dirty lick’ns.

Kapuna Grams followed up and gave da guard her own lick’ns. Braddah Thomas was ready to beef and join the battle with Rontor. Our Kapuna Grams got her own lick’ns from her pet after taking in plenny of da kind and ended maki die dead. Sista got back up and we gave dem guards da kine beatings and restored a kahuna who got another up. This kahuna brought the rest of the group back up to the max.

Da bugger we looking fo was gone. So we rush the fast kine to catch up. Dar was choke people out in the streets with the chaos, since Aunty Eva was doing her part. We manage to kept all but one of da kind out of Watt’s hand and freed da city.


Thomas, Grams, Rontor and I were sent to infiltrate another Church to recover another relic and rescue the clergy imprisoned there. We met with Sir Thomas’ contact and was greeted by Lady Eva McClarin. She introduced herself as one of the remaining members of the old ruling council of Ft. Grune before Captain Watts took over. She informed us that our previous two attacks had weaken his hold and the time to retake the city is approaching soon. In order to do this, she purposed a simultaneously from our group and their resistance army.

We decided it was best to focus on the church producing most of the drug and picked the church of Pelor since it was in the center of the city and away from the wall where the army will be attacking. Since no one wanted a frontal assault we entered the sewers with the help of Lady McClarin’s contact. We enhanced our defenses and with some proper spell use broke through the walls that opened into the lower chamber of the church.

Battle immediately ensued. Rontor and Sir Thomas dispatched the the guard quickly but the alchemist called for help and drank the drug which had effects we haven’t seen. This time they turned into creatures similar to elementals made of acidic poison. Unfortunately Grams casted an area effect that affect not only the guard but the surrounding priest. After Rontor dispatched the guard, Grams began destroying the pipes. Unfortunately the goo affected her crab pet. It couldn’t handle the effects of the drug and grew until it exploded. Meanwhile, Sir Thomas and Ronto were able to handle the other guards and alchemist while I manage to bring back a comatose priest. Lucky for us, Grams had a Pelor holy symbol she brought from Mackerel Jack’s, enabling our fellow priest to restore the others. During out battle, we heard several alarms signifying the beginning of the resistance attack.

After some quick healing we rushed to retrieve the relic upstairs but was gone when we reached the ground level. Rontor and I hastily ran out to catch up pursuing the relic. With all the chaos that was happening in town, our group manage to retrieve the relics from the churches of Pelor, Torag and Erastil and rescue the clergy from those churches. Unfortunately, the facility at Sarenrae was fulling excavated both relic and clergy.
Ft. Grune was liberated from Captain Watt’s grasp and gain the trust and allegiance of the town. Captain Darrow’s crew was rewards by the churches in hopes that we will continue our mission and rescue the clergy of Sarenrae

What have they got in there, King Kong?
Wednesday evening Cleaning out the pipes.

Dear Crazy Uncle Eddy,
So, Hanseath smiled upon me to provide a travel that was not expected. The smart kids seem to think we took a travel through time. Fineas brandishing guns, Guen the Oracle, Knuckles, Gramzie the crazy witch, and I were charged with “Cleaning out the Pipes”. Our teaser intel insinuated that Cap’n Isaac was using a an island as a hub to move goods around the shallows. Some of Darrows crew have heard word in port that ships laden with heavy loads have been coming from da Island. Issac’s power and influence as rising rapidly, so he must be dealt with. Despite the oracles insistance, we be sure Isaac be more devious than originally thought. We were no longer buying his free love spirit and douldle speak of peace. We were also still curious as to why he was not willing to enter in an alliance with Darrow when presented the opportunity.


We circled the ship around the island in a chance to garner some sort of information, but we found nothing of note or a place to land other than a small estuary. The five of us traveled up the small river in the dinghy to a small cove with a dock. We hid the dinghy and travel on foot through a path. We arrived at a structure of sorts. Knuckles was struggling to read the sign, but I red it for him. The big sign read “Large Winged Reptiles from Long ago Amusement Area.” The building seemed to be a broken down museum of sorts. Gramzee found a bipedal lizard, and she engaged it in a staring contest. All of a sudden, two more converged on her and she collapsed in pain and agony. KNuckles and I moved in to fight off the lizards. We healed up and moved on with our search. The building ran on some sort of combination of magic, pipes, lenses and lights.

We moved on to a lower level, and found a large circular door of sorts. Knuckles frustration got the best of him and no longer wanted to prove his worth. Knuckles did share bitterness in the fact that Gramzee’s spells happened to entangle and damage tthe poor boy, Guen’s spell stunned him and damaged him some more, and Fineas “stole” his dagger back, all while the poor fellow be threatend by man eating knee-high bi-pedal lizards. I detected strong magics of many kinds on the door implying it to be trapped by magic. I volunteered to call upon the raw power of hops and barley to break the spell. Without a better plan, Finneas shrugged and agreed but backed up with a safe distance. Knuckles followed and so did the Oracle. Gramzee was too curious in my abilities not to watch. Hanseath smiled upon me as I sundered the protective spell guarding the door. A blast of the five different elements burst forth upon us. The sight and power was too much for Gramzee as she fell unconscious. The oracle moved into channel healing and not a moment to late. Finneas shamed knuckles into trying his rogue hand at the door since it was still locked. Knuckles claimed it was safe to join him in opening the door. With the rest of us peered aounrd the corner of the hallway Finneas shouted, “If you unlocked it, then go ahead and open it.”
KNuckles shouted back, “Ladies first.”
Sighing, the oracle replied, “I can go first hun, but please be a gentleman and open the door.”
Acting in frustration, knuckles huffed and puffed, and pressed in the button. Jets of acid coved the boy from head to toe. As gramzzee cleaned the acid off the poor rogue, and Guen healed him back, he assured us that it is no longer a door. Since the rogue seemed unable to get us past the one trapped and guarded place in this elven museum we had searched so far, we hoped him correct and that our goal be elsewhere.

Still pouting, the rogue left the scouting to the fookin nuts granmother. Sure enough she found and disabled a couple more traps. Peeking into gigantic room with her crab, she informed us the coast was clear. Cuz… Granzeekrabs be Gramzeekrabs, the coast was most assuradly not clear. I am not sure what is stronger her ability to walk us into danger, or her senility. A formitable fighter met us astride a huger aggressive dinosaur when we entered the room.

Gramzee Phantasmaly killed the man astride the disnosaur, and Finneas successfully subdued the dino. The room was filled with crates and crates of weapons. Issac has been supplying and selling weapons to everyone in the shallows, through this location. It now made sense as to why Issac was not willing to play favorites of the other pirate lords. Finneas trained the dino well enough to help drag the crates to the ocean where we loaded two full ships and dielivered our new weapon supply to shiver me timbers where Darrow has fortified.

I left a sign on the entrance, thanking Issaac for the weapons at the new cheaper price and signed it, Solo.
Drinks to you dear Uncle,

NanananaNA MAN-BAT!
Tuesday Night

By Matar Vega

We go to de Bat Guano caves to cut off Admiral Watt’s supply of de phosphorus.
After sailing to de island where the caves be, we be findin’ ourselves on the ocean below a cliff face. Needin’ a sneaky way onto the island, Corneilious told us that we should try his glider-launcher. So now, I be de first Keltasarian free man to be dancing on de winds on a glider, that I be knowin’ of.

Afta trekin trou de jungle we got snagged by spida’s. After crunchen them hard, we continued on and were ambushed by flowin’ dancing sand monstrosities. We danced the fighten’ dance and ponded dem back into the ground.

Den de Man-bat ambused us in our weakened state wit ’is two giant bats. I took on one of de bats and Thomas went after de Man-Bat. After pulling the giant bat beasty off of me friend, Sir Thomas chopped the Man-Bat into tree Man-Bat pieces. So much for de “unkillable” Man-bat.

Salty Pete sent ‘is little salty beast ta look at de Guano camps. He discovered that de men at the camp were unhappy and divided about der situation, some blamin’ Admiral Watt and some blaming Admiral Watt’s enemies for der problems. There were also using Keltasarian slaves to get the Guano out of the cave. I not be tolerating dis situation! We convinced de slaves and malcontents to rise up against de men loyal to Watt and seized control of de island. We got Admiral Watt on de run! Soon it be time for de last dance.


Reign of the Titans

Gwen, Gramsy, Myree, Salty Pete, and Aurelia hear of the Titans wrecking havoc and destroying the coral reefs outside the mermaids land, along with the potential harm against the mer-folk. They travel to talk to the mermaids, only to find out that it is the collected opinion that there is nothing the five of them can do in terms of keeping the Titans out of the land.
With much pushing for the mer-folk, Gramsy and Salty Pete travel to the god Gozra to offer a plea and find out that it’s “either Captain Solo or the mermaids” when it comes to harms way. When the two of them return back to the group, they inform the others that Gozra gave them an ultimatum. They recollect and make a plan that they will go and attack Captain Solo’s ships that are docked.
Gramsy and Salty Pete jump on board first; Salty Pete’s familiar Haylee, clings to the bell on ship and starts dissolving it with acid so the crew can’t ring it and alert the other ship. Gramsy quiets the side of the ship she is on, including the crew members that were still in shock from her climbing aboard with her hair. A battle begins, the five of them kicking ass and while taking damage, walk out in one piece. After taking control of the ship, Aurelia lights a fuse in just enough time so when the ship their on hits Solo’s other ship, they will collide in a fiery blaze.
After jumping ship and watching the fire show from land, they man cannons behind a group of Solo’s men that happened to be on land, watching the demise of their crew members. Almost within a blink, the crew takes down Solo’s men epically. Salty pete took a few by catching them in his teeth, and the day was done.

The Clockmaster

DM Dave
Cornelius Blunderbuss

We began the adventure by heading to the northern town of Zyrec to track down the Clockmaker’s shop. After a stop in Mackeral Jacks, we were fairly certain that he would be there, somewhere. When we arrived, I sent Mitch and Guen to go take a look around and find out where he might be.

Several hours later, we began to get suspicious that something had gone wrong. Aurelia and I decided to go an find out what had happened to our human companions. Our fears turned out to be true, when we found the shop Guen was sound bursting a group of guards. I decided to use the distraction to get into the shop while Aurelia helped out our human companion.

I rushed around to the back entrance of the building to find Mitch breaking in, too. I told him to go help out front, he was more capable of it than I was… and I really wanted to talk to the clock maker. I entered the building to find hundreds of clocks ticking at the exact same moment. I snagged four pocket watches to study later, and unlocked the trap door. I then dropped down to find the clockmaker.

The clockmaker was surprisingly not a gnome, which is quite baffling. He appeared to be some golden skinned outsider. He informed me that he could not leave until we rescued his daughter and after some coaxing, told me that she was somewhere in Carlston.

I quickly ran back upstairs, to find my humans and elf had not fared as well as I had expected. I needed them to save the daughter, so I healed the female human, told her to heal the male and run away. She was bound, so I shrunk her to a quarter her size so that she could wiggle free. She did burst, healing Mitch, who followed as I suggested and ran away, screaming something about Isaac. Guen decided to stick around to help Aurelia, despite my assurances that I had it completely under control. I sprinted up the wall of the shop, gave Aurelia a spiderclimb potion, and told her to bolt. She did. In the time it took to do that, however, Guen was beaten so badly she turned zombie, and started shambling back towards Darrow’s Island. Maybe next time I will try and helpl instead of just ordering everyone around.

After heading back to Darrow’s to retrieve Guen, we set out to Carlston. Once there, we located a manor that Iggy the Dagger (whose blindness I rectified) indicated would locate several women that seemed to be being collected there against there will. We got ourselves prettied up for a party that appeared to be going on there. Mitch talked our way past the butler, and we enjoyed the party. The host claimed he had an amazing surprise for us come midnight.

Once midnight came, he brought out who could only be Polly, the Clockmaker’s daughter. At exactly midnight, she went from a tall skinny blonde human to a shorty curvier brunette. Quite impressive. We followed her after the hurried her out of the spotlight, and were recognized by one of the pirates sent to move her. This began an epic carriage chase.

Long story short, we found Polly, but not until after Guen killed two horses pulling a carriage full of innocent humans. Needless to say,, they died gruesome deaths.


I was able to invis and fly Polly, so we headed back to the ship. Once our party gathered there, we then prompty headed to find the Clockmaker again. He was relieved to see his daughter, but tragically he had just completed the perfect clock, which would never in time lose a second, and returned it to Zira.

Totally on Porpurse, going back to Ft. Brannick
Gmae 4 Monday Morning

Dear Crazy Uncle Eddy,
Still dead, but at least this time I drink in victory.
p. The area was once controlled by Cyclops. Ziva has since taken over the area and menacing the shipyards. The cyclops have been unable to launch a successful attack on the fort because of the three large pivoting catapults on top of the fort. The cylcops have agreed to a temporary working relationship. Should we make the catapults inoperable, the cyclops will once again attack the fort in full earnest. The fort is the prominent building in a city lost to time and ruin. The city was built because of its close proximity to a very efficient shipping lanes. But currently ships have not been able to sail through. When a ship nears the city, a mage (fookin bastard) summons a miny typhoon capturing it in place. A bird delivers a message and then catapults destroy the sip to pieces and sink it in place. Row boats from fort Brannick collect booty and survivors and bring them back to the fort as spoils. Darrow thinks it is important to save the shipping channel from this menace and take the fight to Ziva.

Surprising us all with a plan surly to succeed, Da Salty Pete used his mephit to scout out Ft Brannick as much as possible. I was sent in with Gwen the oracle, Francis the reliable, and my new friends, Ollie Knuckles a fighter, Aurealia a magus, and Lauren an interesting Shaman caster. Before we left, the kids gave a tutorial on catapults. they gave us a simple 4 step plan to disable the catapult in the fastest most discreet means possible. We planned to sneak in, disable the catapults, sneak out and then signal the cyclops for them to begin their assault. The plan was to ride on summoned dolphins with invisibility and an ability to breathe in water. Unbeknownst to the Salty Pete a Huge Crab and dispelling screen met us on our arrival. Da girls lost the ability to breath in the water forcing them to swim like mad for the surface. The rest of us battled the huge crab. Fortunately Francis was able to slay the beast.

Trying to maintain our secrecy and surprise with invisibility, the six of us joined hands to make our way to the main building housing the pivoting catapults. An alarm sounded, but it was not for us. Three of the Admiral’s warships had begun an open battle on the fort attacking the sea wall surrounding it. Men moved into position all over, as a typhoon began growing in the channel. We knew times was of the essence, and we used the chaos to our advantage. Hand in hand again, we set off in haste up the ramp to the next level. Tying to dodge a rather rotund pirate, our invisible snake swung a bit too far to the outside. I am not really sure what went wrong, but I was dragged off the ramp. I know the reliable Francis was in front of me, and the gwen was last in line. I was smart enough not pull the frail lady off the ledge. I was able to catch hold of the wall and not fall the 60 ft. I was also able to hold onto Francis, as he did not fall as well. Aurealia was able to grab a hold as well. I am still not sure who dropped, but there was a definite fall from a member of our party. Francis, Aurealia, and I climbed up, linked hands and made our way to the top of the fort. Each of the catapults were manned by five operators while firing. Luckily Ziva’s forces took destroyed Watts ships quickly and, most of the catapulters descended back to their regular duties. Because sensitivity, the fist moment with a skeleton crew, I told Francis to disable the middle catapult, and Aurealia to disable the far one and then meet back in the far corner of the building. The esteemed Gwen made it this far as well, as she joined me in completeing step three. Before we could complete step four, the middle catapult dry fired and Francis goaned in pain. I began my rage, summoned the growth power of Hanseath, and began attacking the crew. “Francis is in the middle drinks are on me.” I charged into battle hoping Gwen understood that I was worried about the status of my friend. I has hoping to draw the bad guys into battle while she could save Francis. I hoped Francis and Aurealia were successful in their mission as well. I held off the crew on top for as long as possible before the invisibility wore off for my friends as well. Fortunately Knuckles and Lauren had made iut up to top deck as well. Lauren fired a flash boom, signaling to the cyclops. Before we could finish clearing the roof, the fookin mage started raining spells upon us. We escpaped with our lives, and disabled the catapults to a boot.
p. Ziva sees through the birds, she is a bitch. brings the blind bargin, blindness for three years at her mast.

They’re doing Watt?!?

Who: Thadius, Cornelius, Finnius, and the humans and short human
What: Investigate mysterious drug
Where: Ft. Grune

After arriving in Ft. Grune, the Blunderbuss quickly set out to gather what information they could. Initially, they were only able to discover the name of the drug, but little else. Where ever Watt’s Revenge was coming from, it was tightly controlled and difficult to get ahold of. After some additional research, and passing on a rather horrible plan put forth by the tiny human, the Blunderbuss discovered that the drug was being made inside the town’s churches. This was odd because Watt had all the churches closed, barricaded, and its priests crucified.

One of our humans happened to worship Iomadae, one of the churches taken over. He informed us that his church should have a secret entrance. After seeking out a potential La Resistance we were able to locate the hidden path. When we entered the church basement, we found dozens of priests and altar boys hooked up to tubes and such. They were draining a fluid and running it through a strange barrel contraption. When the battle started, the attendants began drinking straight from the tubes and became noticeably stronger.
But they sucked and we won.

We were able to revive a priest who in turn revived the rest of the captives. They agreed to go to the shipyards, work with the ents, and return to fight another day. Inside the strange barrel we found a negative energy field with a piece of the Devouror’s temple. This is pure evil and really bad news.

Recon on fort brannick

Sir TKWIII, Salty Pete, Mitch, jargon, and Lexus. Where sent to investigate a for that is controlled by ziva. Once the group landed they started inland they where Attacked by a pair of dire boars. The group easily defeated them and moved on. Shortly after they where attacked by giant lizards also easily killed. A few hours later Lexus heard sounds coming from ahead of the group.. Mitch attempted to sneak towards the noise. Lexus and Mitch found three cyclops after a failed bluff attempt the rouge ended up convincing them to help us on gaining info on the fort. After much debating the group decided to not assault the fort instead bringing the right people better equiped to handle the assault. The group also found how zivas forces were able to stop and sink ships.


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