Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Rescuing Malex

Sunday July 26th, Afternoon Game
DM: Josh
Objective: Rescue Malex the gnome from Carlis
Loot: Each PC got 5000 gp from selling magic items
Maiyri (Shelby)
Guen (Wendi)
Aurelia (Tierney)
MItch (Dyllon)
Salty Pete (John)


  • The last group that went to Carlis rescued a gnome named Paulie. Paulie told us about one of his friends who was being held prisoner.
  • The party had a gnoming device which we could use to locate Malex
  • Scouted Carlis for a safe place to teleport in
  • Salty Pete, Mitch, and Aurelia teleported in first to see about securing papers
  • Turns out you don’t need papers to travel
  • Gnoming device said that Malex was Northwest of Carlis
  • Asked around about the area, learned that there was a road going north
  • Followed the road and came to a fort about two hours out of the city
  • Hijacked a merchant wagon so we could pose as merchants
  • At the fort, caravans were loading up with goods and heading back to Carlis
  • The fort had to sections: a warehouse area and a garrison.
  • We sent Mayri to try to scale the wall into the garrison, but she was spotted and shot.
  • Bribed some guards to keep them from arresting Mayri and left the fort
  • Did some more scouting around the fort and found a big open area (like a landing pad) where goods were being dropped off and brought to the warehouses.
  • Gnoming device was still pointing Northwest
  • Traveled some more and got attacked by a group of pretty badass skeletons (Mayri was killed and had to drink her raise dead potion)
  • Eventually arrived at the entrance to a mountain base
  • The base turned out to be very well defended by gunmen and a giant starfish laser death cannon
  • After getting pounded by gunfire and laser blasts for a while, we finally managed to destroy the laser, which resulted in a really big explosion
  • The explosion apparently tool out the gunmen, so we were able to enter the base
  • Salty Pete summoned some bralani to clear away the smoke
  • Found Malex and some other prisioners (all gnomes I think)
  • Malex said that they were being forced to work on a propulsion system
  • Had to evacuate quickly, as the base began to shake and rumble
  • Teleported home
Some charming ladies and a levitating halfling
DM Andrew, Sunday Evening

Maiyri Seaskipper
Sameera Al Nahid
Aurelia Celine

Pistorious our Gnomish Alchemist “cruise director” informed us of a flying ship that had been grounded and the mission began, Free the slaves and salvage the ship!

Our courteous cruise director landed on the far side of the island which we then walked across to reach the keltesarian ship. Pisotrious awaited a message to come and rescue us but if things went well he would come to witness our glory.

Upon reaching the Keltesarian guards, Sameera quickly charmed them into gazing upon her tight leather armor as the remainder of the party snuck upon the vessel.

Aurelia reached the rear of the ship, climbed aboard, was commanded to leave, climbed back down, was confused why she had left, climbed back up, was shot, was commanded to climb back down, was shot some more and then spent the battle repeating this scenario until she finally succeeded in killing her foe, climbed aboard and awaited healing for her many wounds.

Meanwhile Sameera’s spells left the majority of the crew charmed and peaceful. When Gwen suggested a soundburst to awaken them from their daze Sameera cast a silencing spell.

Gwen and Maiyri silently and slowly levitated aboard. Maiyri enjoyed the levitation so much that she levitated the entire battle while swinging her axe at anyone who came into reach.

Eventually all non-charmed foe were destroyed and any remaining men were followed Sameera’s suggestion to leave the ship and have some rum aboard the island.

The ship had been liberated, the ladies salvaged what they could after a wizard strike left the ship unable to fly. This of course included 8 blunderbooms and several gnomish slaves who were more than willing to idolize the halfling. (after she intimidated them of course)

Lost '15 Summary

It took me quite a while to put last years write ups in order and figure out what was what. Instead of throwing it all up there and then I figure it out 6 months later, maybe we can keep better track of the write ups and sessions… or not. Whatever…

Day 2 Part 2
The Triple Blind.

Well, this sealed record is going to be interested. we went to go look for mitch’s lost sister. Who was apparently taken by the “Ghost of Admiral Watt” We went to go look into the ships getting grabbed, and ended up having his brother scry on the sister… who ended up being seen working as a servant?Slave? in a kitchen. after much talking, we ended up searching thecoastline for a base of watt’s ship. No luck. SO I guess I’ll just teleport us all into the kitchen at night.Then I did something I would have slapped myself for if I could. I decided to make a snatch and grab for the sister…. and found the business end of some guns. and a crit. and then blackness.

… I really shouldn’t be getting used to waking up in cells mostly naked….. sigh…… Who is this lady? some ex-Watt lady? letting us out eh? Ok then…. Do we, uh, just go…? no, fuck that, we’re getting our stuff back! And some Revenge……….

I guess if nothing else, the ship will know about the men watt has, the Carlass link, the balloons, the scopes, the casters, the military and the probably watt/carlas/link.

Breaker of Chains

Date: Saturday July 25th, Afternoon Game
DM: Andrew
Objective: Learn why the Keltesarians are at Makerel Jack’s
XP: 10,000 plus 1,000 for summary
Loot: 2000 gp for each player

  • Aurelia (Tierney)
  • Mitch (Dylon)
  • TKW (Jesse)
  • Matar (Dave)
  • Salty Pete (John)
  • Samira (LIsa)


  • Mitch met with one of his informants, Ratt the Rake
  • The Keltesarians have been coming into port for about 2 weeks
  • The captain of Keltesarian ship looks important
  • The Keltesarian captain stays on his ship, but meets with a representative of Carlis at the Shiny Shilling
  • After these meetings the Carlis representative’s ship usually leaves port followed soon after by the Keltesarian ship
  • Party arranged to be in the area as the Keltesarians moved from their ship to the Shiny Shilling
  • Samira realized that the “dignitary” was actually a body double, and an admiral named Al Maktar was posing as a bodyguard
  • After the Keltesarians left port, we followed them in the Blood Dawn
  • The Carlis ship and the Keltesarian ship met at an Island near the locker to exchange guns for slaves
  • Some very fancy sailing was required to get the Blood Dawn across the reef
  • The Carlis ships have firearms on par with the most recent Blunderbuss weapons
  • The slaves were gnomes, dwarves, and humans
  • The party waited for the Keltesarians to leave and attacked the crew of the Carlis ship
  • Carlis captain and several officers killed, several Carlis prisoners taken, slaves freed
  • We sold the ship to Darrow for a reward (see: Loot)
Once more in to the breach
Closing the portal to the fey realm dm Andrew saturday

Salty Pete Thomas aturaus and gramzy were sent out to close the portal that they had failed to close the year before. To prepare for the mission the group went to mackerel jacks to buy water breathing scrolls to make be able to swim the three mile long tunnel to the portal. While shopping auterus and gramzy stop off at an artificers shop to buy special equipment. They found out that autrus has a bounty of 20,000 gold on his head from his country. After leaving mackerel jacks the party headed to the senota where the portal was located. After teleporting the the sinkhole salty Petes ship was attacked by a giant fork tailed wrym. During the fight to save the blood dawn gramzy decided to face the dragon alone. Which was not the best idea. Gramzy was bit clawed and stabbed which ended her life unfortunately. Autrus attempted to banish the creature but failed to do so. Salty Pete and his brave crew began firing on the over grown lizard deal massive damage as it tried to kill the brave captian. Thomas tried to help but was only able to kill the beast after saltys barrage of cannon fire weakened it severely. After the fight they where able to raise gramzy with the voodoo lady’s potions. The party set off to suechels to regroup recharge to finish the mission. After arriving for a second time. The party made its way through the the under water tunnels making it to the portal chamber. As the exited the tunnel a massive creature dug its way out of the chamber belived to have made its way to the surface. The chamber was a beautiful sight to behold al manner of colorful plants crystals growing form the ground. Small fairys flying around. Gramzy attempted to talk to the fairys which ended up in provoking a hostel response. As the fight ensued the small fairys collected into a swarm biting and drinking the blood of poor gramzy. After a the first couple of rounds a giant plant snake creature appeared. Thomas sprung into action and began to fight it. Salty Pete summoned a salt mephet which cast a glitter dust which revealed a dark phenoix aturaus was able to disperse the swarm that was eating gramzy alive and did massive damage to the snake plant creature. Along with Thomas the two kill the creature. As it fell the dark phenoix began its attack. Seeing the the creature was to much for the party to handle salty Pete summoned an earth element to disrupt the portal long enough to close it. The party teleported out before the phenoix could make a second attack which could possibly kill the entire party. Beaten tired but successful in the main mission the party mad it back to darrows to report on what happened and await orders for the next mission. (Side note Thomas would like to make it know that he does NOT EVER want to go to mackerel jacks unless absolutely nessessary)

Date: Saturday July 25th, Evening Game
DM: Andrew
Objective: Close Ziva’s Fey Portal
XP: 25,000
Loot: None

  • TWK (Jesse)
  • Arcturus (Michael)
  • Gramzee (Christina)
  • Salty Pete (John)


  • Went to Mackerel Jack’s To buy supplies
  • Discovered that Arcturus has a 20,000 gp bounty on his head
  • Sailed to the Cenote
  • Tried to teleport directly to the portal chamber, but found out that it is warded
  • The Blood Dawn was attacked by a fork-tailed wyvren
  • Gram-Zee was killed in the fight, but raised using the elixir from Vondra
  • The wyvren was defeated
  • Sailed to Schwazel to heal
  • Teleported back to the top of the cenote
  • Swam through the underwater caves using water breathing scroll
  • Attacked by fey in the ruined chamber
  • Something very big burrowed through the rock at the top of the chamber
  • A huge dark phoenix was guarding the portal invisibly
  • Party disrupted the portal without killing the phoenix, then fled
Day 1- Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere
So much booty



First, we got together on the Gnomegeddon for our travels. Lo and behold, not butt 2 hours away, the Booty Patrol swabbed my deck! 4 fabulous and bootilicious singers appeared, calling themselves the “ Booty Patrol”. Booty seemed apt as they kicked my ASS with a gigantic hippo that broke my rib cage!

Needless to say I passed out and woke up via cure moderate wounds when we had arrived on Issac’s island! The little ones (the gnome and the halfling) confidently walked the local bar and trying to bump and grind their way into some information. The halfling, or was it the gnome? Halfling? One of them.. twerked his way to the top and made friends with the barkeeper and we learned to check out the docks.

At the docks, the gnome’s booty diplo magic worked again and we learned that Sir Issac’s belongings were being removed from his property and stored here at the docks until they were sold. We learned about Brayson, who was a local exotic dancer…arms dealer…crime overlord…I don’t remember what he was butt I DO remember when we got there and he was covered in oil and a bar fight broke out. We ended up sewing a guys’ lip shut and dimension doored out of the bar and directly to Sir Issac’s place.

Gwen was well acquainted with Isaac’s personal quarters and thus it was not difficult for her to quickly locate some glittery “intimate” booty shorts that belonged to Sir Isaac and would work for Vondra’s spell. While we searched, the halfling, no, gnome, no, halfling found a storage compartment under the makeup vanity. We spent almost 20 minutes trying to open the door of the compartment, and finally had to end up making a pipe bomb, but we got it!

Somehow, the words “WATT LIVES” were left and we safely boarded our air shift to find in the treasure box was not gold, riches, or magical items, butt a little lip gloss, foundation and a few disguise kits. It would seem that the folks in town are right that “ Sir Isaac” may have been absent for a while, but whoever he has disguised himself ass may be just around the corner.

Vondra begrudgingly grabbed the rank booty shorts and put them in a stew…poof! Now she is telling us that Mr. Booty Booty Everywhere is not even human or alive…He is either undead or a construct. We may not “be ready for this jelly” after all….

Disappearances on Spooky Island

DM: Ryan

Gwen, Matar, Aurelia and Mitch

-Headed to Gethlaid Isle to investigate missing persons from the Apples & Anchors company, as well as the men that were called the “Cousins”
-Found what looked like a wrecked ship, completely gutted out of valuables
-Find remains of old tracks from on foot/tracks from a makeshift sled to carry valuables, follow them into the island
-Come across abandoned town, take shelter in only building that has roof & walls
-Inside building find journals from the cousins about their nights inside the building (spookiness ensues, tales of mist and people disappearing)
-Keep watch in group of 2’s; second watch “falls asleep” and when woken up in the morning, Gwen is gone and the mist has appeared
-Go looking for her, find her sleepwalking through the island, so we follow her without disrupting her
-Follow her to lake, lake water starts to sink & reveals a cave, Gwen goes into cave as we follow suit
-Once in the cave, we come across a priest waving an incense burner in a hallway that resembled the mist from earlier, so Mitch kills him, just in case
-Ninja Dick Shows up, makes eye contact, and then disappears
-Follow the hallway into the dungeon, stone elemental shortly pops up as well as 7 men
-Defeat them and walk into a room with a 10ft wide, 40ft tall green glowing pillar with runes written on the ground below it (there is something also inside the crystal)
-3 incorporeal beings show up, take forever to die, and then defeated
-Green glowing pillar is then hit with Gwens Pillar of Life spell (positive & negative energy against each other) and then hit with Soundburst spell to crack the crystal
-Mitch hits it a couple times with a hammer, it shatters, and the thing inside the crystal turns into grey goop
-Explore the hallways and find 3 Apples&anchors crew members unconscious, as well as 4 Cousins (3 cousins still missing)
-Loot the rooms, and take unconscious members to the ship
-As they come to, they tell us stories of necromancy experiment where they were trying to raise the dead/experiment on them

Lost '14 summary

The Portal of Fail
Saturday Morning

All stories are true, and this one even happened.
Dear Crazy Uncle Eddy,
We had begun worrying more and more about the strength of Ziva and her army. The rumors of her secret island could wait no longer, and we set off to investigate. The Guen, Salty Pete, TKWIII, Gramzeekrabs and I set off in one of Darrows ships in the direction of where her secret island is rumored to be. After circling the island in question, we found no obvious location or starting point, so we ship anchored and took a dingy into the shore. We beached and secured the dingy and began walking inland following a rough path which did not show signs of recent use. The rough path ended at the mouth of a picturesque cenote.


Without sufficient rope or climbing skills and unwilling to just take the plunge to the wet depths below, the Salty Pete cast featherfall upon us all, and we began floating merrily down into the cavern. I remember thinking as we descended that this better be the way since we had no shot of making it back up to the top in any sort of expeditious manner.
Like a moth to flame, we floated to towards death blissfully unaware. We jumped off the edge and enjoyed the beautiful view. The whole cenote was beautiful, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. And then a monster came at us from a perch on the wall of the cenote like nothing I had ever seen before either. I can’t remember if it was the guen or the crazygramzee that fired a spell at the two headed monster, but it was soon pissed off like a possessed dwarf missing his beard. The thing flew right at her with jaw gaping looking for revenge in the form of a snack. We rallied healed our friend and attacked again. The monster was clearly bleeding from a vicious set of natural causes. The monster decided to take a pass at me and try its luck there. Like a juicy steak I floated downward. The beast did not miss a second time. There was little I could do as his maw had clenched on to me. But the ever valiant TKWIII accomplished an amazing string of heroic feats as he grabbed the beast flying by and swung himself up on top and hung on for dear life with one hand and slashed at a neck with his sword hand. Apparently having two heads is cause for confusion becasue the fooking thing tried to swallow me, and doesn’t he know, “No eats me for dinner.” Before I could see the bottom of his gullet, I summoned the powers of hops and barley for Hanseath to make me bigger. I say fook him, as I grew twice as big and put on sudden weight to be over 151 stone. Instead of letting the weight plummet him to the floor, the thing spit me back out again to see both TKWIII and Salty Pete in the water with the ladies pummeling it with spells and the mephit clawing at the beast. Fookin idiot think I was his dinner. We proved victorious, and once again my compatriots were amazed at my healing abilities. It is so easily they forget that Hanseath smiles upon us all in different ways.
All healed we quickly looted the skeletons and remains scattered in the shallow pool and searched for the path to take. Salty Pete’s Halley to the rescue again. Whether she is naive to the dangers or willing to go ahead despite the danger as pure bravery, I cannot tell, nonetheless, I raise my drink to her. She forged ahead in the underground cave system trying to find a route to where we needed to go. With glow sticks and rope, Halley mapped out the route connecting air pockets over ½ a mile to the full cavern opening. We held our breath, swam like mad and tried our best not to drown (what an embarrassing way for a dwarf to perish) and we eventually made it to the cavern. We did have a few close calls but Hanseath smiled upon us all.
We seemed to make it to the cavern in an unconventional manner as the only thing waiting for us was a solitary door. Sure enough the thing was trapped. I called upon the bitterness of the hops and sweetness of the barley, I channeled my rage at the spell guarding the door and the spell was disarmed. We moved through the door into a hallway before the alarm could re-set. We found a giant circle on the floor of the next room. My hesitation told me no, but Salty-Pete’s luck told him yes. He jumped into the circle and I refused to enter. His luck beat out my hesitation and everyone that followed his lead was safe, but everyone that remained outside the circle received a mighty burn.
In the next room we were able to get a jump on some drow guarding a portal. Despite their cunning use of invisibility and stealth, Salty-Pete rendered it worthless with glitter, because he is just that fabulous. The fight would have been much more difficult had they been able to get the jump on us, but since we got the jump on them, it didn’t prove to be much of a match.

As the battle concluded, I drank from my tankard to refill my personal hops and barley levels. The whole room was making me nervous, and a good strong drink was what Hanseath ordered to calm the nerves. The pulsing portal was enough to drive anyone batshit crazy, and it is exactly the kind of thing to make our old gramzeekrabs’s curiosity fly off the chart. I started inspecting the portal to find a weak spot or find out what and where it came from. Poor, gramzz crabs wanted to inspect the portal as well… from the other side! It was like everyone else forgot how bat shit crazy the old woman really is. We were all witness to the nutty dear old woman use her hair to keep a cranky crab as a pet which killed her a few days ago, you would think they would learn. Before I could stop them, my compatriots all agreed to inspect the portal from the inside. I am not sure if I would have been able to control or break the portal, because I certainly ran out of time. No sooner had Gramzeekrabs led the party through the portal, than was Zombiegramzeekrabs leading my zombie compatriots back out of the portal. So uncle I am not sure I can convey how sweet it was to head back to the ship in a dingy full of zombie friends.


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