Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Down with Keltesar

Monday night game 7/28
Andy DM
XP: 35,000

There be quite a bit on the figurative plate for Darrow’s crew:

  • Mitch’s sister be still captured by pyrats but the group feels she be more valuable as bait
  • There still be the ghost of the indeterminable Admiral Watt
  • The Carlis propaganda machine be working like mad and the Darrow’s crew be making it easy by giving them easy material to play against them
  • There be a disease down south that might need some investigation
  • There be a fisherman with a Tattoo of a “treasure map” that moves from person to person and changes with each iteration
  • There be a Fey queen who needs some “attitude adjustment”
  • When Sameera’s group went to destroy a crystal it was failure, so they need to go back and destroy the crystal
  • The group knows the +2 rapier is a phylactery and needs investigation
  • Isaac’s crew is still fucking with us with the Indominable Twerkuleez
  • THere are still random pyrats maurading the shallows including one who is a necromancer
  • The keltesarians need dealt with because they be fookers

So Sameera, Leadfoot Tony, Rontor, Mairee, and TKWIII all volunteered to bring Keltesar down. Pelonius captained the ship to the Keltesairian Imperial City. They knew the name of the owner of a certain ship who was illegally practicing slave trade. The ship was sunk and Darrow’s crew was able to grab some evidence which had since stolen by somone when they teleported to the place with flying snakes and shit. Sameera spoke with her mother and they decieded to arrange a meeting with the owner who happens to be borderline senile with 3 wives. Rumor is that maybe one of the wives is leterally and figuratively in bed with said captain. The ruse was successful as TKWIII introduced himself as an agent from the north investigating illegal activity. As the group sat down with the owner, the wife in question poured tea for everyone. Rontor caught her slipping something in everyone’s cup of tea. Rontor told Sameera to hold off on the tea. Leadfoot Tony and the owner both dropped asleep from the poison, and Mairee was confused. When Rontor and Sameedra did not imbibe the tea the guards drew weapons and wife took off. Battle ensued and the Wife was brought to trial. Between Sameera’s diplomacy and famliarity with the customas and TKWIII’s familiarity with the law proceedings and the courtroom, the wife was found guilty and the captain is now a wanted man in Keltesar.

They brought pistols to a cannon fight
Thrilling chase on the boardwalk

Monday July 27th Evening Game
DM: Jared
Objective: Find whatever the tattoo map leads to

  • Arcturus (Micheal)
  • Mitch (Dyllon)
  • Aurelia (Tierney)
  • Salty Pete (John)


  • Started on Darrow’s main island
  • Noticed a bar fight in progress
  • Brawl spread to the streets and we were caught up in it
  • Arcturus determined that the brawl was being caused by a form of rage spell
  • In the commotion, someone touched Mitch (who had the tattoo), took the tattoo, and ran off
  • Arcturus was shackeld to the ground with a spell
  • The rest of the party pursued the new tattoo carrier
  • Three gunslingers were covering his esacpe, Aurelia badly wounded
  • Salty Pete dimention doored to the Blood Dawn and tried to stop the escaping tattoo guy by shooting the dock with cannons
  • Arcturus escaped his shackles and did his best to quell the brawl
  • Mitch managed to take back the tattoo
  • We finally took down the tatoo thief (who turned out to be a swashbuckler) as he was trying to board the Blood Dawn (captured one of the gunslingers as well)
  • Salty Pete summoned a Lillend to heal the party and charm the swashbuckler
  • Under the effects of the charm spell the swashbuckler told us that he was trying to steal the tattoo as part of an initiation test for a mercenary crew known as the Black Blade
  • He was supposed to meet someone he called the ‘bag lady’ on our boat and be teleported to the Black Blade’s ship
  • We managed to find the bag lady hiding invisibly on the Blood Dawn but she teleported away as soon as we found her
  • Arcturus traced the teleport, so we all invised and teleported after her
  • We ended up on a boat and watched as some guy (possibly the captain) made fun of the bag lady for failing
  • We were bady outnumbered so we teleported away
  • Arcturus returned briefly to obtain a piece of the ship for scrying purposes
Green Crystal 2: The Redoining
Ryan - Monday Evening - 7/29/2015

DM: Ryan
Monday Evening 7/29/2015

Players: Cornelius Blunderbuss (Tim), Finneus Blunderbuss (Josh), Thadius Blunderbuss (Justin), Zehkora “Gram-Zee Crabs” Tràlfengär (Christina), Guendalyn (Wendy)

XP: 33,000 (+3,300 from this writeup)

- Hunted for the spectral black face with razor sharp teeth.
- Spent three days preparing and crafting, then left.
- Arrived, all the villagers were gone.
- Went to check out ruins, mist was still present (mist keeps spirits at bay)
- Gram Z sprinted ahead looking for the spectral black face
- Gram Z ran into battle with a group of battle ready orcs and humans.
- Battle in-sued, gnomes recognized traditionally non-evil magics being used and asked for a parlay.
- Orcs agreed, all parties returned to the kitchen and the orcs served a very heavy moonshine.
- Thaddius talked with leader, learned there are several other groups of this type around the shallows, and they are geased not to talk about their mission.
- Discovered that we could buy out their contract if we could gather enough Onyx.
- They gifted us 10 prisoners in good will. And promised to keep the others healthy, after being paid with 100g in pearl.
- Had to return home to confer with the group about the location of an onyx mine, went to mackrel jacks on the way.
- Gwen meet with some of Issacs crew, and delivered a note to be passed onto Issac. (Note asked if they could meet.)
- Thaddius met with an artificer named Dubois, to try and identify the phylactery in our possesion.
- Dubois threatened by mobsters.
- Thaddius find out it was because he was a dick who Cosbyed the mobsters sister.
- Thaddius tracked down mobsters, became friends with mobsters, and worked with the mobsters to get back at Dubois.
- Sent Gram Z to sleep with a drunk Dubois, and mobsters gave Thaddius Dubois’ stolen spellbook.

The Hungry Caterpillar
DM Ryan 7/26 morning Justin,Tim, Lisa, Jesse Tony


Your Captain Darrow sends his regards as usual, and I of course hope you are doing well and all is calm there…well as calm as it ever gets there. Darrow asked my assistance with a problem on one of his islands that closely resembled something that happened in other of his territories. Being a necromantic problem he decided to send a variety of his crew he felt best suited to handle it. He sent me. Thomas Kingsley Wright III; Tony Leadfoot and his dragon, Fang; and two of those Blunderbuss boys we talked about Thadius and Cornelius.

We got to the island and we greeted by a very kind old woman and her cantankerous husband. She invited for a meal to discuss the problems on the island, but the gnomes knowing nothing of the power of gathering local information refused her kind offer. I smoothed things over as best I could and promised to return later to take a meal with her, which of course I will, but left with just the most basic of information. Descriptions of a strange mist that smelled of grapes and cyanide; and the disappearance of all the young people on the island was the only information we acquired. I insisted the gnomes allow me to speak with at least one other so I chose to speak one of the only men of working age as he ate his lunch. His wife and children had been taken in the night, there were no children he knew of left in the area at all, and he had no idea why he was spared. We did a cursory examination to see if there was anything unusual about the man, but he appeared normal

We set out on foot with Tony and his Fang scouting ahead in the air He spotted a field with dead sheep scattered about and a pile of carcasses in the center and we decided to investigate. As we approached the pile began to move and two…skin demons erupted from pustule on the pile and animated a couple of sheep into some strange undead creatures. We found out to our dismay many of the creatures weakened us if they touched us so tried not to have that happen more than once. Midway through the battle the pile itself animated and began to attack us. Luckily most of its minions had been dispatched by then, but our poor paladin was weakened considerably by the battle. With our combined attacks the corpsepile began retreating as we finished up the last couple skin demons, Tony pursued as did Thomas with a fly potion from Cornelius (a maddening little gnome but infinitely useful) and dispatched the creature

We continued on and found ancient ruins, it was circular with an open pit that descended into the sickly sweet mist that Cornelius determined was spirit repellent. We spiraled down the ruins level by level eventually finding two Aboriginal Eirodosians. One teleported away… the other I compelled to follow us. The mist thinned and voices whispered all about us but we continued down, my charmed fellow grew increasingly nervous. We eventually found a prison as the whispering grew more maddening and urgent. We needed to get out of there. Cornelius blew out the inner wall and we loaded up Fang with prisoners that were all unconscious quickly taking all of them and ourselves back to the surface. We loaded Fang with prisoners and he was given a note instructing the Gnomad One to come and collect the rest of us.

As Fang left six spectral hands crept out of the pit, feeling around and trying to grasp us. We slew a few when a smoky grinning face emerged from the pit looking what I can best describe as a a black misty caterpillar. One of the hands fed a prisoner to the face, Thomas was fighting the spectral face when all of a sudden his head was beside him and he crumpled to the floor. We decided discretion was the better part of valor and I picked up the paladin’s head and dragged him away with Tony. Thadius greased the way and Cornelius shooting the beast until he was driven back into the pit as we retreated. Unfortunately we were unable to save the unconscious prisoners as the beast ate them during our retreat. I still have the prisoner and will interview him at my leisure after we have made poor Thomas whole and living.


Bullet points of snakes on an astral plane
dm Andrew Monday morning 25,000 xp

Sitting in a bar talking about previous mission.

Bar was suddenly shifted from noon to night.

Olie opens doors to find floating in space.

A group of snakes flew around outside.

Grammy cast true seeing saw the snakes.

Gwen cast a sound burst on snakes

Grammy cast a cloud kill allowing the snakes to enter the bar.

After an exhausting fight the snakes were defeted.

One of the bar patrons turned out to be an illusion sent as a warning to back off the keltisarians.

All evidence was missing after the battle.

DM Josh Morning game, Tuesday 7/28/15
Dinosaurs and Diseases - Lets get down with the sickness!

Hmm, well those nice folks that kept me from walking more a few weeks ago are all sick, so I should at least try to return the favor and help them out even tho diseases give me the creeps, I’m not the most well read on them after all.

We set out after a quick trip to Mackrel Jack’s where the Aurelia, Gramzy and Lexis ran into town to grab some supplies for me to tattoo some abilities onto my party members and pick up some extra alchemy supplies to mix some stuff to deal with diseases and such. In the meantime Thomas and I stayed in the boat and waited, turned out alright apparently, didn’t get all my tattooing supplies, but got some. We flew down to the towns and spotted a boat pulling out of town and gramzy took off down to the boat alone. I suppose I should be concerned that i am NOT surprised anymore when she does things like this but I digress. She goes below deck and briefly pops and and gets pulled back down as we get attacked by flying Pterodactyls dropping rocks on us. Thankfully, we had two excellent ranged markspeople with us who were able to pick off them, while I deposited Thomas on deck, which, as usual, meant I was promptly bitten and took some damage. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. sigh

Dinosaurs. The entire crew was Dinosaurs. I won’t bore you with the details, it was like something out of a bad B-grade Illus-o-flick with Dinosaurs with Sneak attacks, cannons and boats. We grounded the boat and got gramzy back after much trouble and managed to negotiate a sort of truce. These fellows aren’t so bad once you get to know them really, a bit simple but they could be directed properly to accomplish great things if a sufficiently intelligent mind was to divert itself to do so..

Finally. Off to the towns, the first of which was a ghost town, everyone dead. we discovered this by levitating the paladin down assuming he’d be a good “Unable to be sick” type, and again, I ended up unsurprised when gramzy zoomed down off the airship too. I was a bit shocked when the magus went after her though, I thought she was a bit smarter than that. Lexis and I towed people to the next village (We were NOT letting their infected selves onto the boat, it’s like they don’t understand what a quarantine is, eyeroll). In the next town we found two survivors and the paladin managed to cure them, probably, and we found a bunch more in the third town, but we decided to hold off contacting more while lexis and I teleported back to Darrow’s and consulted with Vondra and the others about any ways to Decontaminate the three people who went down and/or quarantine. While nobody had anything immediately, they hoped to have some in the morning. We popped back briefly to let the three know and watch over them thru the day/night from above. The next day we returned to Darrows to see if anyone had thought of any way to accomplish this. Hopefully something can be arranged, I would like to not have to lose access to most of those party members.

Tired of these motherfucking snakes of this mother fucking pocket astral plane!!!

Monday Afternoon- DM Andy

We were all there in the bar; Arelia, Gwen, Sameera, Ollie, TKW, Lexus, Mayri and me. We were sharing tales of our adventures (Mostly Ollie, he is quite strange and talks a great deal)…when boom! We immediately were transported to some other alternate Astral plane, with the bar!

It was dark and quickly, we discovered we were out in space, with no way to get back to the material plane. TKW began calming the patrons and Emissary Sameera quickly began the process of interviewing patrons to find out who the traitor was…is? Would’ve been? Anyways, I went out into space and found out that gravity didn’t work, flames flickered on, and lost one of my shoes along the way. Maybe I’ll steal the gnomes’ new shoes, remind me later.

Come to find out space snakes are QUITE rude. The life oracle did her sonic boom blast to signify danger, as is standard measure for all life oracles, when the snakes who stole my shoe ended up swarming the bar in this space domain.

I did everything correctly and did not lead to any injuries or snakes getting into the bar. Not me. The Magus is quite nice, she gave me some gold glitter dust. Ollie started breathing fire again, and TKW began thwacking his sword all over the place as Mayri chopped snake bits here and there.

And there sat the little bardish gnome construct, on the dancefloor, looking smug as the little shit he was. Sameera quickly discovered his true identity. They shouldn’t make constructs who smile, that’s just my personal preference. It makes me angry and upset, they don’t need to convey their shittiness to the rest of us.

I overheard the oracle and the cleric began arguing over something I didn’t understand, I had eaten some bad sausage this morning, so I ended up getting quite the stomach ache and vomiting hornets AGAIN. From what I overheard, the cleric was saying something about “ You’re going to soundburst AGAIN?!” Knowing the oracle, it makes sense, a part of her deity’s call is to make “ a great noise” unto her lord, so she does this spell with frequency.

Eventually, we destroyed the other snakes, and were sent back to the material plane. A hardly veiled threat was heard by the cleric and Ollie demanding that we “stop what we’re doing” in Keltesarian.

I do not know about you, but being told not to do something is the surest way to get me to do it….

Bernard gets lucky
Sameera goes shopping. Saturday Night Game

Thadius, Finnius, Cornelius, and Sameera set out to discover the circumstances surrounding the closing of the city of Carliss. After an unsuccessful attempt to parachute undetected in to town, the crew set off on a short hike to the city. Upon arriving, the gnomes put on their disguise; Bernard, the creepy guy with the who-re. Through their info gathering, they learned that the city is now part of a newly formed empire consisting of several other nearby towns. While the ports have been closed, trade has continued overland. In fact, the economy has been booming and the citizens are experiencing unprecedented success. The population seems extremely devoted to the new government. Slavery has also become not just legal, but embraced. Virtually all non-humans, especially gnomes, are now property.

The group also attempted to set up a temple to Kalistria,which would double as a spy network. Unfortunately, all the work, and coin used to get things started were lost when the gnomes were seen welding weapons. The group had to flee the city and abandon their temple.

Mounds of Sheep
DM Ryan 7/26 AM

Unbiased outline:
Cornelius, Thadeus. TKW, Sameera, Lead

-We were sent to Getrekt to invistigate reported hauntings and general creepiness
-We were chosen because we’re the ones with the most magical and undead knowledge
-Contacted locals, Old Woman informed us of strange mist that smells of grape and cyanide
-Went to investigate, found large mound of undead sheep and strange skinless men
-Killed them all, mound of sheep turned into strange undead balloon which required an airfight to eliminate.
-Continued exploring, located ancient ruins. Somewhere between 1-5000 years old.
-Found mist inside ruins, Cornelius Identified mist as a spirit repellent.
-Explored ruins, found two Abberiginal Eirodosian men. One teleported away, other we captured.
-Mist began thining, indicating that Spirits might be on the way.
-Continued deeper into the ruins, located circular prison containing multiple cells and 14 humans.
-Broke humans free, used Lead’s dragon to ferry them to surface.
-Ran to surface, sent dragon with a note and 5 prisoners to find Gnomad One.
-Six large black spectral hands crawled out of the ruins after us. Battle ensued.
-Slew two hands, when a large spectral face with very, very large pointy teeth emerged from the ruins.
-Large faces teeth caused large slashing wounds, not stabby ones.
-Bit off TKW’s head
-Began tactical withdrawal with TKW’s head
-Shot large spectral face repeatedly, causing it to retreat into its den.
-Unable to save remaining nine prisoners.
-Went home to get TKW fixed.

Two Grumpy Fey
Jared - Sunday Evening - 10/26/2015

DM: Jared
Game: Sunday Evening – 10/26/2015
Players: Ollie Ashfoot (Ryan), Salty Pete (John), Thomas Kingsley Wright III (Jesse), Thadius Blunderbuss (Justin), Zehkora “Gram-Zee Crabs” Tràlfengär (Christina)

Treasure: 2000 G of Pearls, 2000 G of clam meat (sold for gold), Lesser Horn of the Triton

XP: 25,000 (+2500 from this writeup)

- Traveled to Mackrel Jacks, Gram Z bought a scroll.
- Ran into “the” kracken sinking another ship, small winged people we’re also flying around the ship. We could also see something moving across the water, so fast that we could only see the trails they left behind them in the water.
- This very fast thing approached, then turned into a beautiful woman. Claimed these waters we’re hers now. She summoned the grey flying guys onto our ship.
- Woman’s name is Lea
- She offered to let us pass for “services”
- We agreed to kill “Mod”, another fey, for passage through her waters, and the right to save the crew of the ship that the kracken sank.
- Brought the victims of the attack aboard our ship with the aid of Salty Petes water elementals, couldn’t get the loot from the ship.
- Found, fought and killed Mod.
- Hali swam down into mods lair. Saw some green “mermaid people”, called Naerids.
- Beat them up, and took mods treasure:
2000 G of Pearls
2000 G of Clam meat.
Lesser Horn of the Triton
- Delivered the clam meat to Shuesel, who hadn’t seen a new ship in a week.
- We met with Lea, and traded our free passage to Shuesel with the people of Shuesel.

Ollie’s Perspective

Ashley O’hae sat in her office, tapping her her quill to the paper. She’s been working without sleep for the past week to find out how to circumnavigate Shuesel’s new “Fey” problem, which has been grinding profits down to nothing after a week of no trade! She cursed her merchant mentor. “Set up in Shuesel,” he said. “It’s a growing market,” he said. " PIrates barely touch the thing, besides you’ll make a killing on shipping to the east and the north!" fuck you Jeffrey, she thought.

At that moment her son came walking in to the room. A surprise, as always.
“Hey mom! Oh man I just had the best adventures! Besides I’ve got some really important news to tell you!” Ollie blathered.
" You’re not pregnant are you?" she let out a cold stare.
“No mom! I can’ get pregnant”
“Never say never Ollie”
Ollie laughed “You’re the best mom.” Ashley maintained her stare.

“Anyway! So yea started shipping on the Blood Dawn and I was really excited-” Ashley’s mind trailed off. Perhaps she could avoid dropping dropping the red if she hired some caravans to travel north, or maybe get those new mercenaries to take them up. She kept casually writing out thoughts, only half listening to Ollie, until something caught her attention. “Then agreed to grant your town passage through the fey’s waters! So now you guys can continue sailing!” Ashley often forget’s that Ollie is actually a member of Darrows crew. How can her son be caught up in a crew so competent. “Oh Ollie you’re a good son,” she smiled. “I love you too mom!”

“By the way, would you like a boat load of clam meat?”


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