Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Oozing of the blood crystal
Dm Ryan wendi Jesse Lisa Jeremy Thursday night 35,000 xp

We had gotten reports of a new crystal protected by a flan like green ooze. We meet up with one of the towns. As we approached we found an ooze inside the room. As soon as we where in range Gwen launched a searing light. Miss wide we sprang into action. Rontor flanked right to attempt to destroy the crystal while Gwen layed down a blade barrier which killed the ooze. As the the blood inside the to ooze hit the the ground we heard screams coming from the village.

As we arrived back to the town we found the village under attack by undead after some religion check we found out the the blood in the ooze was to complete a blood ritual for a massive animate dead. After a moment of debate we decided to go to the towns barracks figuring if they could rally the militia they would help defend the town. We landed to find small skeletons and larger undead attack. After a hard fought battle we took back the barracks which in turn helped us take back the town. We then went to vondra and mackerel jacks to find was to help contain an ooze so that we don’t have a repeat of the tragedy of findale.
Oozin Crystal Gone

DM Ryan
Thursday Evening
Rontor, TKWIII, Sameera, Gwenn

  • Report of a new crystal in Ferndale
  • well came up with stagnant gross water
  • two people go down and 1 is eaten by a ooze
  • Send a sending to the bard
    “How do we destroy an ooze?”

reply back: “I am sitting naked on the floor and Arcturus is sitting as a pile of ashes and you are asking me about oozes…”

  • They arm themselves with 4 quaterstalves each and headed down the cave
  • Prep pr not prep, that is the question… “Let’s check it out and then see if we want to wait another day.”
  • group went down with the goal of destroying and or killing the ooze and or destroying the crystal
  • Gwenn cast searing light and Rontor was thinking that the distraction would allow him to sneak in and destroy the crystal
  • Searing light did not work so Gwenn with Blade Barrier
  • Unfortunately the blade barrier ginsu’d the ooze and it splattered blood from the inside everywhere in the cave.
  • The blood activated the runes which led to an epic level ritual with led to an major animate dead
  • The four of them flew back to the town and found every corpse had been animated and were now tuning upon the town.
  • They saved as many as possible
  • They know that the blood activates the runes, so they need to contain and destroy the ooze without splattering blood on the runes.
Black and White and Red All Over


DM Andy

Thursday PM

Players: Cornelius, Gram Z, Maiyri, Finneus

  • Planned to go to Mackarel Jacks and gather intel on Booty Patrol, Booty Patrol has been attacking multiple cities on the shoreline
  • On the way, the group was ambushed by a black robe and red dragon. Black robe is Khaleed, the dragon’s name is Kalix Osteez.
  • Black robe went insane after Insanity spell was cast, he began attacking the dragon, enervated the dragon and disintegrated the dragon
  • Dragon ripped apart the ship, but eventually died. Body was recovered in the water. Gram Z cast Lore Master on the dragon corpse and discovered that the dragon was enslaved by the black robe. Khaleed is a rogue black robe who was exiled from the black mage cult about 10 years ago, right about the time that Kalix was abducted.
  • Intel was gathered in Mackeral Jacks, located which port the Booty Patrol is operating out of. The port has a lot of boats in their port and has experienced marked increased activity.
Killin Some Blackrobes

Thursday night
Andy DM
Rontor, Gramzee, Leadfoottony, Sameera

  • The Admiral’s brother is blackrobe from the imperial city
  • The blackrobe has an apprentice that has been spotted in the shallows on a ship practicing illegal slaving operations
  • The Admiral has been spotted recently at Mackral Jacks,
  • Rontor, Gramzee, Leadfoottony, and Sameera all volunteered to go after said admiral and thus black mages
  • Go to Mackral Jacks
  • the mighty keltesarian ship that is known to be the Admiral’s was not in port
  • They approach a dock worker and Rontor tries to bribe him. Once he realies the ship they are looking for then he grows in fear and will not reveal any information.
  • Sameera calm’s his emotions and takes him somewhere else for a better conversation
  • Rontor, Leadfoottony, and Gramzee approach someone else on the docks and Rontor tells the guy that they are willing to offer him 10 gold if is able to settle a bet and knows the time when the ship left port and maybe where the ship went, but Gramzee screamed at him throwing the whole plan out the door.
  • Rontor tells the two that maybe they should try the bar that the admiral has been known to frequent.
  • Rontor asked Gramzee which bar that the Admiral has been known to frequent.
  • Rontor opened the door for Gramzee and leadfoottony to step in. Gramzee begins casting a cloud spell, and Rontor knows that the whole bar will freak out and doesn’t what chaos to ensue and for bar patrons to spell out into the streets and the authorities to capture Grramzee.
  • Rontor slams the door shut to contain the chaos.
  • screams and chaos inside
  • Rontor hears Gramzee begin casting geas, so he charges into the bar and tackles Gramzee and tries to settle down the bar. There were about 8 people drawing weapons and or in mid incantation. There were another 6 bar patrons so drunk that they didn’t notice. Where were another 12 people including leadfoottony that they were all pushing ans shoving in a mass of humanity to escape out the back door. Rontor tossed the bartender 50 gold and promised to be back.
  • Rontor and Gramzee decided that this was most certainly the wrong bar
  • Gramzee agreed to play the quiet game and say nothing but her drink order until he returned.
  • Rontor returned to the bar to heal people and pay the bartender to keep it on the downlow.
  • One man had a broken leg which Rontor healed and befriend. The guy told Rontoor that the ship left two hours ago.
  • Rontor returned to leadfoottony and Gramzee to drink his troubles.
  • Sameera showed up 4hours later
  • Then Sameera took Gramzee to the Admiral’s bar where she found out that the Admiral was heading to Keltesar
  • Sameera took Gramzee, Leadfoottony, and Rontor to Keltesar with a Word of Recall spell
  • they appeared amist a battlezone
  • Before ripping the cord and setting him loose to kill some mages, Sameera knew that she needed to point out the ones that he could kill and which ones to protect
  • 5 blackrobe mages engaged the 4 of them in an epic battle
  • enervations, fireballs, dragons and the such
  • The mages killed both Sameera who was raised by a raised dead potion from Gamzee and gramzeee who was raised by a raise dead potion from Gramzee
  • Sameera charmed one mage, and two died of natural causes. Two mages bugged out.
  • Two more groups of five mages also attacked two different targets
  • stayed for a week, cleaned, healed,
  • the rogue black robe also attacked the black robe police
  • admirals ship never seen
The not so return of Admiral Watt
bullet points dm Josh Tuesday night olie tkw Gwen cornilius

The group went to Rosemont to deal with the ghout of watt.

They came up with a plan to lure watt out and finish the job.

Cornelius made a fake gnomesish engine and had the mayor spread rumors that it was being transported through Rosemont.

After three days they set sails a bout a day later watts men attack them.

After defeting them they interrogating them.

They Convinced them to help use we would pay them with watt ever watt had.

cornilius spotted a bottle with a message from the captain saying that if be and his crew was hanged darrows crew were liars and fakes.

Watts men came to a rendezvous.

A fight broke out darrows crew won.

found out that it was a person impersonating watt. Also found a map to a base.

The Mine of Onyxness

Tuesday the Morning 7/28
Ryan as the DM


Rontor, Gwenn, Cornleius, and Thadius

The information the group grabbed from the manor house for the noble who is holding Mitch’s sister cpative in Carlis was revealed:

Prison manifolds and reports of profits that have increased stedily but the most recent reports are missing. Of most note is that infmaous pirates from the otherside of the challows were imprisoned as well as political prisinors from Carlis.

Things to do:

  • Mitch’s sister is still bait
  • vondra says don’t do the Tattoo map
  • Schweasal town and the fey contract might need adjusted
  • There is still a disease down there that needs attention
  • There is still a crystal and we know it is guarded by mercanaries of the white hand who worship and aspect of the god of undeath Urga Koa and we know that they will leave the area in exchange for Onyx
  • Isaacs, booty patrol and the Twerkalicious is still reeking havoc
  • Phylactery needs attention
  • The wife from Keltesar admitted that she is working with someone who was icognito that siad the person would provide the crew and captain if she provided the ship
  • Ghost of Watt is still a problem
  • Necromancer captain is still a maor problem

So Gwenn, Rontor, Thadius, and Cornelius volunteered to take the mine. They took a ship to the island, halo dropped down and began walking through the jungle. They were attacked by a hallow serpent and stalked by a lion. they could tell through scent and perception checks that the sounds coming from the mine were not normal mining sounds and it smelled as rotting flesh, so Rontor made the assumption that skeletons or something were mining.
They found the mine and worked they way into it. Around a corner they found two Golems. the group buffed Rontor and he battled the Golums. The group jumped into a mine cart, they greased the wheels and axles and Rontor pushed them furter into the mine at a run. They began screaming into the mine at 200 ft per round as Rontor pushed them. They arrived into a bigger room.
four golums and a crystal dude
took 25,000 gp worth of onyx
room that self destructed
parlayed with the white hand orcs and traded captives and for them to cease and leave in return for 17,00 pg worth of onyx

Gramzee cast analyze Dweamoer on the phylactery
Isaacs Pylactery, very old, 3,000 years old, carried many names, powerful incantation, specific set of steps to destroy, access to a Lich’s soul sitting right in front of you and a psion knows it is possible to enter inside his soul

Wanted Dead or (not) Alive
Leadfoot's Point of View

After yesterday excursion i didn’t think i would return to Keltesar. But i go where i am needed. We embarked on our journey midday via air ship(though i rode Fang) and made it to Keltesar without trouble on a two day travel. Fang would tire so we’d land for a bit on the airship. Once in the temple Sameera went to acquire info while her courtesans kept me company(If you know what i mean!). Travel arrangements were made and we sent off. For some reason they wanted to ride in a “carriage”… huh like i’d ride that deathtrap. I had dismissed Fang so riding him was out of question. The sky looked particularly perfect during the travel so i stared at it while lost in thought. The grass rustled behind me but the sky was entrancing. Next thing i knew i had axes buried deep in my back! The pain was unbelievable! I tried to summon an elemental but it was banished almost immediately. Position shifting seemed the best option but as i did such a dagger sized hole appeared in my back. As i fell to the ground i summoned an Angel out of reflex. Moments after i awake to my creature healing me. I kept trying to summon Fang but something(i presume someone) kept stabbing me. As i laid there almost helpless Maiyri, Mitch and Sameera took care of what i assume were bounty hunters. The handful that lived retreated and after healing we continued our journey. upon arrival i summon Fang and proceed to unwind and relax. After a couple of hours they had returned and was ready to go back to the temple(which must be my own plane of enjoyment). Word of recall was used and we arrived in seconds. From there i headed to a room and waited for the courtesans.

If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em
Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Black Blade

Tuesday July 28th, Evening Game
DM: Jared
Objective: Solve the mystery of the tattoo map
Loot: Quite a lot
Arcturus (Michael)
Mitch (Dyllon)
Aurelia (Tierney)
Thadius (Justin)
Salty Pete (John)


  • Thadius used his boat tracking spell to find the Black Blade’s ship
  • We gathered a small armada (six ships plus the Blood Dawn) to go confront them and get them to tell us more about the tattoo map
  • When we got near them we got a sending spell from the bag lady
  • Invited the bag lady and her captain over for a chat
  • Eventually we just got tired of trying to outmaneuver them so we decided to team up with them
  • We negotiated a 70/30 split of the treasure (in our favor) and Arcturus has to do a favor for them in the future. We also added a rider that they could take an additional 5% if they swore loyalty to Darrow
  • We discovered that the map glows under the light of a full moon, and becomes readable
  • Following the map involved some really fancy sailing, so we had to leave the other six boats behind and go with just the Blood Dawn and the Black Blade
  • We were attacked by night wyvrens in a tunnel, but we managed to make it through with all of our crew members in one piece (not so much the boat though)
  • Found a subterranean lagoon with a platform and a huge round door
  • Mitch performed an epic feat of rogue skill and opened the door
  • The chamber behind the door was guarded by robo-boba-fett, who did a pretty decent job of kicking our asses, and (of course) exploded when we killed it.
  • The treasure turned out to be a research lab of some sort full of psionic items
Bullet Points Log- Tuesday Afternoon
Fencing Dinosaurs

DM – Josh

Gram Z

Bullet Points

Went to Mackeral Jacks and obtained 1000 GP of Psionic Tattoo Supplies and 500 GP worth of alchemical reagents for the Cure Disease components

On the way to the Southern states, a boat is visible. Gram Z lands on the boat alone investigates and died almost instantly. Other party members battle what appears to be 8 dinosaurs. Eventually, Arcturus disintegrates a hole in the ship and the ship begins to sink, the dinosaurs direct the ship towards land and run the ship aground to avoid further damage to the ship.

Once TKW and Arcturus board the non-descript ship, they find several more dinosaurs aboard. TKW enters a duel with a T-Rex.

Gram Z’s body is dragged by one of the dinosaurs, body is recovered by the party.

Dinosaurs speak with Arcturus and agree to allow safe passage if they are given a fresh “meat” on each occasion. The party inspects the town and finds a body. A Finger is removed from a corpse and put in a bag of holding. In the next town, 2 survivors are located by TKW who uses lay on hands. Lay on hands appears to ease symptoms of mysterious disease. Symptomatic presentation includes: Blood oozing from pores, sweating, .unconsciousness, pain, glossed skin, boils/ pustules.

TKW healed two people in the first town, one male and female. Many more people were discovered in the third town, likely the diseased spread from the ocean. It was decided to leave Gram Z Arelia and TKW in the infected town due to their exposure and then to return to Vondra’s for more backup.

Back to keltesar

DM- Andrew
PCs- Tony Leadfoot, Mitch, Samera, Moiree

  • Traveled to Keltesar
  • Stopped by Samera’s temple
  • Left to investigate Captains vineyard
  • Ambushed(Warforged present in battle)
  • Narrowly escaped
  • Continued travel
  • Investigated people at vineyard
  • Collected info on admiral
  • Returned to Keltesarian temple
  • After more investigating acquired info about the admiral- Admirals bro= black robe, captain’s mage= underling of admirals bro, obtained captains image and items to help scry
    25,000 xp

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