Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Tower of Terror Part One

Send me an angel

Thursday July 30th, Evening Game
DM: Jared
Objective: FInd out where the super teleport scroll goes
Loot: None
Thadius (Justin)
Mitch (Dyllon)
Aurelia (Tierney)
Arcturus (Micheal)
Salty Pete (John)


  • Our group, Darwin (captain of the Black Blade) and the Bag Lady used the teleport scroll that we found in the psionic lab
  • The destination looked like another lab, only it appeared to be high in the air
  • When we arrived, the captain and the bag lady were sent somewhere else by a less pleasant looking means than teleportation
  • Three elven simulacrum appeared and started casting powerful spells intended to capture or restrain us
  • Arcturus used a disintegrate, which caused the simulacrum to start casting lethal spells
  • Arcturus was disintegrated, the rest of us surrendered and stripped naked
  • We were held for a full day while the simulacrum waited for “The Spellweaver Nadalis” to arrive
  • Arcturus’ disembodied soul popped its head through the floor and informed us that the others (the Darwin and the bag lady) were on a lower level)
  • We grabbed our gear and Arcturus teleported us to the bottom of what turned out to be a tower
  • We found Darwin and the Bag Lady restrained alongside several fiends (it turns out they’re evil so we may have to rethink our alliance)
  • We started working our way up the thirteen floors of the tower
  • The first few floors were occupied by orcs, who we defeated fairly easily
  • Salty Pete decided to summon a greater air elemental to clear out the rest of the floors, which sped things along nicely
  • On one of the upper floors we encountered some really nasty daemons, who had been feeding off all of the death we were causing
  • Salty Pete summoned an angel to fight the daemons, and the group managed to defeat them


Lost_Leader Moshpitato

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