Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Oozing of the blood crystal

Dm Ryan wendi Jesse Lisa Jeremy Thursday night 35,000 xp

We had gotten reports of a new crystal protected by a flan like green ooze. We meet up with one of the towns. As we approached we found an ooze inside the room. As soon as we where in range Gwen launched a searing light. Miss wide we sprang into action. Rontor flanked right to attempt to destroy the crystal while Gwen layed down a blade barrier which killed the ooze. As the the blood inside the to ooze hit the the ground we heard screams coming from the village.

As we arrived back to the town we found the village under attack by undead after some religion check we found out the the blood in the ooze was to complete a blood ritual for a massive animate dead. After a moment of debate we decided to go to the towns barracks figuring if they could rally the militia they would help defend the town. We landed to find small skeletons and larger undead attack. After a hard fought battle we took back the barracks which in turn helped us take back the town. We then went to vondra and mackerel jacks to find was to help contain an ooze so that we don’t have a repeat of the tragedy of findale.


Lost_Leader ashbane

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