Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Hippo Bad Times Part II

DM Ryan

Friday Night game

Players: Cornelius, Finneus, Thadeus, Gram Z, Maiyri

  • MIssion was to investigate strange hippo attacks at gnome airship docks
  • Upon arrival, each PC was to control a smaller seafaring ship that could shoot cannons at the collosal ( technically, collosal x 5) hippo
  • Ships did lots of damage!!! Also, the gnome used Glitterdust and it worked! The Hippo went blind, and his lazer eyes were nulled. Good job, Bard!

*Eventually weakened the hippo down to the point where the hippo retreated into the forrest. Finneus used his sweet Survival skills, rubbing hippo poop on his nose.

  • After that, we found the hippo. Maiyri kicked the living shit out of the hippo after delivering 2 successve critical hits wth her axes.
  • After the hippo died, he rose briefly, resembling the same stance that Vondra’s spell solicited last year???
  • Body of Twerkules is currently being carried by Cornelius and Thaddeus in their vials and bags of holding ( the body parts are divied up)
  • Legend Lore was cast the following day and no new info was learned regarding Twerkules


Lost_Leader ryanvsand

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