Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Down with the BlackrobefookerKhaleed

Friday Morning
DM Andy
Rontor, Ollie, and Sameera

  • Khaleed is in the desert in red dragon lair
  • Rontor, Ollie, and Sameera word of recall to imperial City and wait for Pelonius to bring airship
  • Rontor and Ollie pay for research and spend a lot of time “working on said research” by getting drunk for three straight days
  • Rontor growing increasingly nervous about the robes in the imperial city and the two of them make a list of things to be worried about
  • The group knows that they should be worried about:
    Red Dragons (of which Ollie is one)
    Surprise and fear
    ruthless efficiency
    Dragon Fear
    Political intrigue
    Black Robes
    Kheltesarians (of which Sameera is one)
    Sneaky cacti
    Recepie Stealers
    Eerie Quiet
  • Find cave
  • sneak into cave
  • destroy two iron golems
  • kill two blue dragons
  • Khaleed dies of natural causes
  • rises as a wraith
  • loots, Ollie and Rontor peace out to the shallows
  • Sameera grbas some scales, teeth, and Khaleed’s body and word of recalled to the imperial city

Dear Uncle Eddy,
The Black robes, still be fookin problems. They whole city be looking for me and I think most of the city be trying to kill me. It be a good thing that Ollie be watching me back, as they even used a ploy of distracting me with beer and a brewery. I fell for the trap but this was not the trap I was worried I was going to fall for. Ollie and now love us some libraries. The things be fooking magic. Pay some gold and get some info, and spend the whole day drinking. Da fisrt day of research netted some info about ozzes and flan. The whole discussion made us really really hungry, but before we ate any jelly donuts we had to test to see if they were really made out of oozes which were being used by the black robes as a means of them trying to kill me. We need wooden bludgening weapons to destroy de’ oozes and some spells be working better than others.
The second day netted info about the blood runes and such. Do third give ollie and i a list of all the spells that make use of all the necromantic spells that be making use of onyx.
Pelorius dropped us off a few hours away from where we thought the cave was. We trecked through the sofa king hot desert and it spent us but a day to find the entrace to the red dragoon lair. The entrance to the lair be protected by evocation, necromancy, and abjuration spells. I sundered said spells and we proceeded down de’dungeon path. We then came upon a door guarded by two rion golems. With a silence spell and an ass whopin on the me hind quaters we broke the golems and were able to access the doors. It took me a few tries but once I broke the abjuration we tried opening the metal barred gate. After a couple of tries I lifted the iron barred gate, Ollie and I broke the door and alarm, necromantic spella nd lightning went off. As I was holding the gate open, two dragons jolted us with lightning breath weapons. Ollie, Sameera, and I went through the door and engagdged the dragons in battle. A necromancer raised one dragon, and sucked the sould from the other. With displacement, improved invisibility, disintegrate, finger of death, glitter dust, and other dasterdly deeds, the balc robe proved to be the force I was nervous about. I was not able to destroy him and he died of natural causes, only to be raise himself as a dread wraith. Desipte his attempt to make e a dread wraith as well, the fates did not the plan and intervened on my behalf. One less black robe means the world is one more bit safer. We grabbed what we could and Ollie and I bugged out with pockets overflowing with loot. Sameera grabbed the fookers body and some dargon parts and went back to the Imperial City.


Lost_Leader Ninjamancer

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