Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

DM Ryan, Arcturus, Cornelius, Mireyi, Lexius, and GramZ


  • psion jump into Phylactery
  • demon door riddle (love)
  • library, 4 wings
  • hard media had souls of previous people
  • science and tech had that
  • history had life experiences of all lives previous
  • rare books had seeeeeeecrets
  • previous lives: hellion greenwinter, borak ironheart, jeffrey, miss valise van buren, jorgan (dwarven blood king/god), valyon, amerellia, sillyion, kennath, and issac
  • farthest name back is Loloindir Telemnar, elven spy master lady of elvaris.
  • issac plan. Blow up mackral jacks island, use crystal and vondra.
  • he’s a she.
  • she knows mackral Jack and is working with him against us
    *she LOVES Terran and wants to live everything. Went lich and is disguising to be the best at everything.
    *She hates loosing BAD
    *fears losing her emotions, especially her love
    *to destroy the Phylactery it has to be laid at the feet of the current king of elvaris and smashed with a mithral dildo.
  • In order to get something done, one of them had to sacrifice a part of themselves, they had to give up memory. Gramzee offered to give up the memory of her kids since she forgets them anyway and has lived a nice long senile life. At the last moment, Lexius grabbed the hand and took the offer and is now a female human who forgets the memories of his dear blunderbuss brothers.


Lost_Leader Nadalis

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