Corsairs of the Caras Shallows

Carlas and Somalith- Goblin fuel to the PR fire.

DM Josh

TKW, Guen, Cornelius, Gram Z, Maiyri

*Recieved message that emperor from Carlas, Carlas himself, was heading towards smaller town of Somalith via wagon

  • Discussed several plans of attack, it was decided to recruit Semolith’s leader, Roberts, winning hearts and minds
  • Traveled to Semolith, went to the town hall to negotiate with town’s mayor, when the party was ambushed! Party was attacked by some sort of human mage, who summoned celestial octopuses!
  • Succeeded and defeated the octopus! However, the mage escaped and turn invisible. As he left, he said " You did a good job Luna, next time we’ll catch them all!"
  • Got a meeting with the town leader, he cited that he would like to see the Gnomegeddon and make his decision informed about which pirate he wants to side with at that point. The leader will need to travel to the Gnomegeddon in 10 days time to visit and tour.
  • After this, the team the team brainstormed positive PR tactics and found out that goblins were ravaging the town. We went and destroyed 7 goblins and 2 bug bears and returned all of the belongings that were stolen from the town’s folk after we had a parade to celebrate the safety of the town and increase public approval ratings. We went back to the town leader and he thanked the party for dealing with the goblins, asking if we could help come again.
  • Continued PR efforts will be necessary, ESPECIALLY FROM THADDEUS. ESPECIALLY.


Lost_Leader Ninjamancer

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