We won a great victory, savin’ Vondra ‘n stoppin’ Mackerel Jack, Miss Isaac th’ Lady Lich, th’ Slavers o’ Carlis ‘n thar Keltesarian allies, but I be afeared it weren’t enough.

Vondra has read th’ bones, ‘n th’ fates ‘ave shifted. That was wha’ this was all about, aye? She warned o’ dark times fer th’ Shallows if we didn’ band together t’ stop th’ pirate lords, ‘n so we did. But while our efforts ’ave scuttled many a dark fate, th’ possibilities remainin’ are dark indeed. End o’ th’ world dark.

Dependin’ on th’ outcome o’ our war fer th’ shallows, our world could be thrust into a dark age o’ despotism ‘n slavery, or worse, a world consumed by th’ undead, or worse yet, thar be even a strong likely hood that our entire planet could be ripped out o’ time, ne’er t’ ’ave existed.

Arrr! Ahoy me hearties. ‘Tis time to stand tall, and be counted. Sharpen yer blades, raise up the mizzen, and hoist our colors. These seas be foul with miscreants and ne’er-do-wellers, and me islands don’t be havin’ room for the politickin’ of landlubbers, nor will we be puttin’ up with the likes of the pox ridden bilge rats who’ll keel haul any unfortunate lubber they run down.

Ye be my crew, and sure as me name be Cap’n Darrow, we will be puttin’ these seas to rights! Be ye mates, or lubbers or lasses, ye be needed, and smartly. Tis no small task we be embarkin upon.


But don’t ye be over-fearin, fer the fates be with us. We be havin Vondra the Voodoo priestess on our side, and she be usin her juju to be helpin us to keep Davy Jones at bay. And we be havin each other, and ya can be sure thar be no scallywags amongst us.